Should you listen to music while studying? Here’re the shocking facts.


Last Updated on 2016-06-23 , 12:27 pm

Do you have the habit of plugging in your earpieces when studying? Arguing with your friends that studying with music is better?

While some of you prefer a quiet and conducive venue to study, some prefer to plug in their earpieces and switch themselves into the world of music.

Numerous studies, arguments and thoughts have been shared over the years with different batches of students over the same old argument, which is you?

Scientific research on this topic
Between the do’s and don’ts of studying with or without music, studies and research have shown that undoubtedly, studying require you to concentrate and think to handle the task at hand.

While some researchers argue that students who listen to music while studying will suffer from negative impacts, other studies showed that music can help students during their studies.

The kind of songs which will make you fail
After much comparison, it seems that those of you who are study subjects that require you to memorize will suffer if you listened to songs with upbeat tunes and loud lyrics.

What, why? It’s because loud music with lyrics will tend to get students to drift away from the textbook and focus on the song lyrics instead.

While you can still choose to listen to songs with lyrics, it would be better, and your studies less affected when you are studying a different subject like Mathematics which would not be confused with words. In this case, the effects on your cognitive abilities will be reduced since you won’t be using the language part of your brain.

Some of you would say that listening to music helps us to relax from the stress of studying and while this is alright, some people who have higher difficulty in multitasking would end up getting distracted and zoning out instead. Are you one of them?

So, what’s the right answer?
Therefore, the solution to end all questions is to choose the method that’s most suitable for you.


Yup, shockingly there is no definite answer to this never ending question as it varies depending on the person’s studying style.

So, now what?
If you’re someone who can’t concentrate but prefers anything other than dead silence, you can choose to create a playlist with classical music, music with no lyrics or simply search for study music.

Some people have already created lists of music online, suitable for your studying needs and you’ll be able to concentrate and memorize while having tunes flowing in your background.

For those who prefer other music genres, the decision is still ultimately yours. If you can concentrate, then go ahead. But if you find that you’re belting out the lyrics to a Lady Gaga song instead of the text on your book, then it’s time for you to switch your music to something more suitable.

So to conclude, in any way that you find helps you to be most productive, be it accompanied by music or silence, with people or without, alter it to how it’ll suit you best.

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