Chinese Actress Came Back from Vacation to Her House Burglarised With All Valuables Gone


Before leaving home on a vacation, there would be an underlying fear that something bad would happen to the house while you were gone.

Most of the time, you’d probably just chalk it up to paranoia, and you leave the country telling yourself to relax while on holiday, that everything would be okay when you return.

However, this actress was not able to have that luxury.

Actress’ California Home Broken into and Robbed

Actress Liu Yuxin had just returned from a vacation with her family when she horrifyingly realised that her home in Los Angeles had been burglarized.

The 35-year-old actress took to Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu (essentially Chinese Instagram) to voice her distress and woes, writing, “My assets from decades’ worth of hard work, jewelries, watches, handbags, wallets and more, tens of millions of dollars’ worth of items were completely wiped out.”

She also claimed that upon informing the police, they merely took her statement and did not investigate any further before leaving. 

In her post, photos show the state of the house left by the burglars, with broken glass from her glass door strewn across the living room, shelves emptied with name-brand boxes and drawers looking as though they have been ransacked. 

Image: Xiaohongshu (刘雨欣)
Image: Xiaohongshu (刘雨欣)

A metal safe was also seen in one of the photos with its door unnaturally pried open.

Image: Xiaohongshu (刘雨欣)

In the same social media post, the actress writes, “As I cleaned up the mess, I felt like crying, the heavens must be playing a joke on me, wanting me to start afresh thinking that I hadn’t moved on completely from my past. Maybe now, I will be able to find peace?”

Past Trials and Tribulations of Liu Yuxin

Liu Yuxin was best known for her role as Gororo Mingyu in the 2011 television series Scarlet Heart.

Despite the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, Actress Liu Yuxin’s professional life was not the smoothest sailing.

Since her on-screen debut in 2005, Liu has played supporting roles in Chinese television series and films. 

It was said that Liu acquired the rights for the novel Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, with the intention to portray the character of Feng Jiu in the TV adaptation. 

However, her decision was met with public backlash and viewers favoured Dilraba Dilmurat for the role after the success of 2017’s Eternal Love.

Following this, rumours of Liu taking her own life emerged amidst her divorce and personal struggles, but they were quickly refuted.

Liu eventually became a producer in Hollywood, where she produced works like the 2022 documentary Wuhan Wuhan and horror film Umma. She also served as assistant producer in the 2023 film Jamojaya. 

With her work bringing her all the way from her hometown to Los Angeles, California, Liu’s intentions were to leave a familiar but stifling environment to go to a place where nobody knows her, to enrich herself and learn the English language. 


However, Liu’s dreams of starting afresh in the States were dashed with the tragic burglary of her home. 

“I Can’t Sleep Now.”

Liu wrote in her post that the incident left a psychological scar on her and that she is unable to fall asleep in her own house. 

“I don’t want to stay in California,” she adds. 

When talking to cleaners and maintenance workers after the incident, Liu was horrified to learn from them that some homes in California were broken into more than five times in a month, and victims were sometimes beaten up in their own homes.

Liu was revealed to already be staying in a relatively safe area in Los Angeles and had security alarms installed. However, they failed to sound off during the burglary.


She concluded, “I think the best way now is to purchase more insurance, raise a few guard dogs, not leave my house empty for long periods of time, and learn how to use a gun to protect myself, the rest are useless!”