Popular Livestreamer Died After Getting Electrocuted While Fishing

The recent passing of Chinese internet sensation, Hong Nan, popularly known as, ‘Wu Dao Kou Hong Nan’, shocked many of his fans.

Image: Facebook (Hong Nan)

The 22-year-old celebrity was fishing when he accidentally got electrocuted.

Image: Facebook (Hong Nan)

Hong Nan’s fishing rod got into contact with a high voltage cable, resulting in him to be electrocuted.

He was sent to the hospital immediately, but succumbed to his injuries and passed away soon after.

Similar accidents at other parts of China

According to Kuai Bao, similar accidents occurred during the earlier months of 2020 as well.

The accidents happened at Sichuan, Chong Qing and An Hui during the months of February and March. Victims were also accidentally electrocuted when their fishing rods got into contact with high voltage cables.

What’s more heart wrenching was that one of the victims just celebrated his 38th birthday two days before the accident happened.

Friends and fans paid tribute

Hong Nan had amassed a large following with over 600,000 fans for his Facebook page.

He catapulted to fame after starring in several Chinese internet dramas, such as this:

Image: YouTube (Hong Nan)

Some of his friends, including fellow internet celebrity, Fang Zhang, spoke about Hong Nan’s passing while hosting his own talk show.

He was saddened and heartbroken by the loss of a great friend.

Image: Weibo

Fang Zhang broke down in tears while reminiscing the good times with Hong Nan.

He shared that fishing was Hong Nan’s hobby, and the duo often met up for fishing trips.

Many of his fans paid tribute to the star on his Facebook page as well:

Image: Facebook (Hong Nan)

Some of his fans commented that they love his films and will miss him sorely, while others mentioned that Hong Nan will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Many of his fans and celebrity friends such as Ba Zha Hei, attended the internet star’s funeral on September 9.

Image: xw.qq

The rainy day didn’t deter his fans from showing up at Hong Nan’s funeral, as they all wanted to bid their last farewell to the star.

How to fish safely

Though such incidents are far and in between, it never hurts to take some precautions while enjoying your hobby.

Image: kuaibao.qq.com

Fishing rods are often made of carbon fibre while fishing lines are of nylon material. 

Carbon is a conductor of electricity. Fishing lines are too when they come into contact with water.

As such, avoid fishing during rainy days as lightning might strike the fishing rod, resulting in electricity to flow through it.