Loan Shark Got Creative & Posed as Concerned Family Member to Look for Debtor

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Hi. As a wise old man once said: “People say love is the best feeling ever. But I disagree because there’s something even better: creativity. And in emphasis, some creative juice is way more shiok than love j-”

And I’m just gonna cut him off right there, because this article is strictly PEGI 18. But the Wise Old Man is right:

Creativity is bae.

And what better example to illustrate the flighty temptress that’s creativity, than this.

That’s right; it’s not about the knives and paint anymore.

It’s all about the online scams.

Incidentally, you can watch our company’s award-winning (our boss gave us an award: five days OT, power lah) short film about online scams down below. But watch out, because it gets a bit… prata-ry.

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Family shark

On 6 September, a Facebook user known only as James uploaded a post, imploring for information on two of his family members.

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Now, my name might not start with S and end with K, but even I can tell that there’s something wrong with the post. I mean; it’s so darn obvious.


(Article continues below) Xing Xing is a 34-year-old Singaporean lady who decides to meet up with an online friend she found in Facebook. But it turns out that he’s not what he seems to be: Prepare boxes of tissue and watch the saddest Singapore Facebook love story here:

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It seems that some Netizens have never had a scammer friend called Max, as they fell for the hook, line and sinker.

But to be fair, they had the best intentions at heart.

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And Max… James… whoever the hell he is… obliged to dance with them.

Image: Mothership

And this, my young friends, is why you should never trust James’es who portray themselves as Max’s.

Unless it’s Jamax. Then that’s cool.

Some, however, had suspicions about the man, the myth.

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Shinmin strikes again

My mum has had a newspaper mantra since young:

Want boring, politically correct news? Head over to Straits Times. Want some tasty gossip? Shinmin got your back. 

But before you call us out, I’m referring to my mum’s best friend of 80 years, Shin Min. So please spare us.

Anyway, according to a report by Auntie Shinmin, it’s revealed that the two missing family members, are in actuality, husband and wife. And contrary to what one might expect, they are currently safe in Singapore.

And James?

He’s actually a loan shark.

Image: Giphy

Congrats to this guy for calling it out.

Image: Mothership

Congrats, Mr Tan, you’ve won yourself a pat on the back. Yayyyyy.

Additionally, the couple claimed that they had already cleared their debts before the new year, but harassment had continued in recent times.

They have subsequently lodged a police report.

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Who’s the joke on now?

Following the ‘revelation’, Netizens couldn’t help adding some tongue in cheek.

Image: Mothership

And James, being the obviously kind-hearted guy he is, even consented to reply.

Image: Mothership

Though to be fair, James is kinda right. It’s all about equality, you know. – Justin Tan, resident cat at Goody Feed

“Hey, I didn’t say that!”

You just did. In my article anyway.

Anyway, to end it all off…

Moral of the story

Never abandon your creative juices. Because if there’s one thing for sure…

You’ll always find a use for it.

But seriously, one thing is for sure: whatever you read on the Internet, don’t take it at face value immediately.

Unless it’s Goody Feed lah, then that one different.

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