IKEA S’pore Now Has Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti at Only $14.90

When it comes to IKEA, most people know of them as a furniture giant selling affordable furniture.

But just like Michelin, which is a tyre company which became well-known for its food guides, IKEA is also known for its food.

Especially meatballs.

Image: IKEA

When IKEA once removed their chicken wings from the Singapore stores’ menu, Singaporeans almost went crazy.

Don’t worry, IKEA isn’t going to remove anything from their restaurants.

Instead, they’re going to add stuff in instead.

Introducing The Lobster Laksa Pasta

When you hear lobsters, this is the first thing that comes to mind:

Image: Giphy

But not at IKEA though.

Image: IKEA Singapore

For just $14.90, you can enjoy half a lobster with laksa spaghetti at IKEA restaurants.

That’s right, laksa. 

But you just need to take note of one thing: it won’t be around forever.

Image: Memegen

A new menu launched by IKEA Singapore, this is a limited menu item that is only available from 2 Mar to 31 May 2020.

Other New Items

They’ve also upgraded their fan-favourite fan chicken wings with a spicy sauce:

Image: IKEA Singapore

Spicy Hot Chicken Wings ($9.50) / Available: 2 Jan to 31 Mar 2020

A Baked Rosemary Whole Chicken Leg with Mashed Potatoes:

Image: IKEA Singapore

$7.90 / 2 Mar – 31 May 2020

12pcs Veggie ball with couscous and sour cream:

Image: IKEA Singapore

$6.50 / 2 Mar – 31 May 2020

Chicken cutlet with aglio olio:

Image: IKEA Singapore

Ala Carte: $7.90 / 2 Mar – 31 May 2020 (Halal, available at IKEA Tampines Only)

With cheesecake: $10.50 / 2 Mar – 31 May 2020 (Halal, available at IKEA Tampines Only)


In the mood for something sweet to end your meal?


IKEA Singapore has two new cakes on their menu too.

Swedish Apple Cake ($2.50)

Image: IKEA Singapore

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

Image: IKEA Singapore

$4 / Halal and only available at IKEA Tampines.

So What Are You Waiting For?

A whole piece of fried chicken cutlet for less than $8? Or half a lobster for less than $15?


There’s no better time than to make your way down to IKEA right now to enjoy the deals.

And as a bonus, there will be a smaller crowd since the Covid-19 situation has made Singaporeans less willing to venture out of their homes.

Well, I think so lah.

Like what PM Lee says, the Covid-19 lull period is truly the best time for Singaporeans to come out and play.

Time to WhatsApp (or Telegram for the younger folks) your friends and arrange to meet up for dinner liao!


You’re welcome!

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