Local Actress Liu Ling Ling Finally Reveals Son’s Father After Getting Hate For Years

Image: herworld.com

Okay, Liu Ling Ling might not have appeared on the screen for some time, she’s still pretty well-known in Singapore.

At least to the 90s kids.

So what do you think will happen if one day, all of a sudden, the media starts reporting on Liu Ling Ling’s baby son?

Wait, what? She was pregnant?!

Image: herworld.com

Back in 2013, news outlets started running stories about Liu Ling Ling. At the age of 50, Liu Ling Ling gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a secret pregnancy.

She had even kept the pregnancy a secret from her family.

The pregnancy, she claimed, was from artificial insemination and this was the second time she tried it.

The first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and she wanted to be sure the second pregnancy is a success before she reveals it.

The news broke after she missed the Shin Min Daily News-Lianhe Wanbao Getai Awards because she gave birth the day before.

“I Don’t Know Who The Father Is”

Back then, when asked by reporters, Liu refused to reveal her son’s surname, nor would she say who the father is.

“Whoever you see me with one day, that person will be the child’s father.”

At that time, she added that she didn’t know who the dad was.

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Hurtful and Malicious Comments Aimed At Liu Ling Ling

And with that, you’ll know she’s in deep trouble.

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After all, it’s one thing if this happens to a normal girl. Some will be ashamed of her but people will probably be like, Aiya, she just made a mistake. She learnt from it liao.

But if you’re a celebrity? Oh, no. You should’ve known better. You know you’re a role model and yet you did something like this. Shame on you.

There were speculations that she adopted or bought the baby.

Some wondered if her allegedly estranged husband, businessman Qiu Jinhai, was the father of the baby.

And others just criticised her choice to have a baby at the age of 50. When she’s 70, he’ll only be 19 years old.

Imagine a woman who just gave birth, and had to go through all that.

Liu Ling Ling Finally Reveals Her Son’s Parentage

Fast forward 5 years and finally, finally, Liu is ready to reveal everything about her son.

The father is Qiu Jinhai, her allegedly estranged husband.

Qiu Jinhai is a businessman who owed about $600,000 in debt due to the failure of his real estate and insurance businesses.

He left Singapore to work overseas back in 2003 because he could not repay the debts.

In 2012, an anonymous tip-off claimed that Qiu is back in Singapore and living in a condominium unit with Liu.

At that time, Liu denied having any contact with her husband.

But now, she’s ready to come clean about her son, Xiang Xiang.

As for why she kept this information secret for so many years? She said that she was afraid harm would come to her son if the debtors knew that Qiu was the father.

In other words, she did it for her son.

Aww, a mother’s love is never to be underestimated, no? 

So if you’ve not been treating your mother very well, maybe you should look at changing your behaviour. After all, every mother, not just celebrity ones, would’ve loved their kids unconditionally.

Anyways, with that out of the way, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of her in TV or movies.

Like this classic scene: