Local Singer Aliff Aziz Allegedly Stole From Actress While In Hotel Room


Last Updated on 2019-09-11 , 5:57 pm

It seems to me that almost every celebrity manages to somehow get themselves stuck in the middle of a few scandals or affairs at some point in their career.

Some are more extreme than others, such as Michael Jackson and Donald Trump being accused of sexual assault by multiple people.

On the other hand, we have some like Miley Cyrus, who lost her way and then…found it back, I guess.

But these crazy celebrity stories usually only happen far, far away in Hollywood.

That said, some Singaporean celebrities have been in the spotlight as of late. The one we’re currently talking about would be local actor and singer, Aliff Aziz.

Accused of Stealing Cash, Cigarettes and a Lighter

Life does not exactly look too bright for him at the moment.

The 28-year-old actor rose to fame in 2007 after being crowned the winner of the Malay channel Suria’s version of Singapore Idol called Anugerah.

He is currently facing theft charges after he stole one million rupiah (S$100) and $300 from an Indonesian actress while in a hotel room at Clarke Quay, on the 7 June 2019.

According to the actress, Raja Yunika Putri, she had left her bag with Aliff when she went elsewhere to make a payment. Upon returning, she realised that her cash was missing.

While confronting him about it, she also threatened to report the matter to the police. And he challenged her to go ahead.

So she did.

Image: Haluankepri

Not sure why the occupation is “politician”, though.

Apart from that, Aliff is also accused of stealing a packet of cigarettes and a lighter worth $15.60 in total, while at the Starbucks outlet in Plaza Singapura.

Maybe he was in desperate need of a smoke break but didn’t have any cigarettes on hand. Or maybe he has a chronic case of Kleptomania (addiction to stealing). Who knows?

The incident happened at around 4.45am on the 6th of August last year, and the cigarettes and lighter that he stole belonged to a Mr Gurwinder Singh Harwindar Singh.


Aliff was offered bail of $5,000, and his case has been adjourned to 1 October 2019.

He’s also Well Known For Cheating

He has a two-year-old son with his ex-wife, Bella Astillah. They split up in May and Alif has apparently been trying to ger her back after their divorce.

Happier times
Image: Instagram

During their divorce proceedings, Bella, 25, told the judge that “my husband always cheats on me” and that she had videos and photographs to prove it.

Aliff didn’t exactly do a good job at hiding it, with two instances of him cheating being with other actresses, making it a very public affair.

One occasion was with actress Alifah Nasir in 2017, followed by actress Oktovia Manrose in February this year.

Image: Tenor

Yikes. You can’t really blame Bella for leaving his ass.

If convicted of stealing the cash from the hotel room, he could be jailed for up to seven years and fined.

And if convicted of stealing the cigarettes and lighter, he could be jailed for up to three years and fined.

His future doesn’t look too bright.