Local Startup Selling 1-Carat Diamond Rings at Only $1,799

I don’t know about you, but diamond rings are expensive as hell.

A decent 1-Carat diamond ring can cost north of $10,000 and there’s no coming back from that as the Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour make their ascent up the chart.

The chart of broke-as-hell as I call it.

Image: 4cs.gia.edu

A pity we weren’t all situated on Jupiter.

Image: Wikipedia

For its core is a massive diamond created from pressurized carbon that is heavier and denser than the Earth in mass, making diamond possibly cheap like potato and other tubers we can dig up from the ground.

That said, homegrown brand IUIGA appears to be trying to replicate this sci-fi possibility.

1-Carat Diamond Rings at Only $1,799

According to Vulcan Post, IUIGA is now offering diamond rings which can be shopped online for a mere price of $1,799.

Customers can select a solitaire anywhere from 1 Carat up to a chart-topping 5 Carat.

Each solitaire is made-to-order and takes roughly 40 days to complete.

Image: Iuiga.com

The rings do not come with certification but an option of getting it CTI/IGI certified comes at a $300 add-on cost and takes about 7 days to process.

Why So Cheap?

According to Vulcan Post, IUIGA is able to retail their diamonds at a lowly cost as they do away with typical mark-ups that traditional jewellers such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier employ.

In fact, IUIGA has been so bold as to present a graphical breakdown of the costs going into producing a diamond.

It is accompanied by an equally stark pronouncement which reads:

We believe you have the right to know how much quality truly costs. We show you what it costs us to make these products, and then our markups. Everything is completely transparent as IUIGA reveals the true cost of quality to you.

Image: Iuiga.com

Vulcan Post goes on to clarify that the “biggest factor in IUIGA’s completely transparent pricing is how they bypassed retail channels to sell directly to customers online.”

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So, the raw materials (1-carat diamond) is actually only about SGD$1,000?

Image: giphy.com

IUIGA Solitaire Home Try-On Kit

On top of that, IUIGA has been game enough to offer a Solitaire Home Try-On Kit.

Image: Iuiga.com

The try-on kit comes with three different rings at different sizes and will arrive at the order’s location the next working day.

While the crystals used in the kit aren’t real diamonds, they are top-notch replicas made to mimic the diamonds qualities, looks and feels on one’s hand, so you’ll know if you and the ring would swipe right on each other.

An S$199.00 fund is charged as a security fee during the course of the try-out.

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It is however refunded when the kit is returned.

In other words, don’t play punk and you will be alright, for free.


For more information or action, you can visit IUIGA’s website here.

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