Study Shows We’re Having Weird & Vivid Dreams When We Stay at Home too Long

As the COVID-19 and circuit breaker has negatively affected all of our lives due to having to stay in lockdown, all of us seek some sort of relief and shelter from it all.

Well, except otakus who can just binge anime all day long.

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Or people like me, who also watch K-pop videos on repeat.

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For more normal folks, they probably seek rest and relief in sleep.

After all, it is the one consistent way for pleasure and relaxation. However, studies show that that might not be the case.

Change In Sleeping Behaviour

Studies conducted by scientists have shown that our sleeping behaviours may have been affected by lockdowns as well. Looks like even our precious sleep is affected.

But I mean, it’s perfectly logical if you think about change in lifestyle.

For one, we no longer have to wake up three hours before our working hours just to stand in the shower, contemplating life and whether or not you should quit your job. Instead, we can just wake up at 8:55am and slowly crawl over to your desk to start work at 9am.

Parents also no longer have to wake up at 6am just to drag their children out of bed, into the shower, feed them breakfast, and send them to school.

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In other words, people get to sleep in a lot more and not have to be at the mercy of your alarm.

Also, getting to sleep in late means you feel a lot less guilty about staying up till 4-5am binging anime.

Higher Stress Levels

However, not everyone is sleeping in well.

Unfortunately, the higher stress levels during this period can lead to insomnia in many people due to increased amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone.

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And that can lead to many complications even outside of sleep.

Weird and Vivid Dreams

Besides insomnia, the high-stress levels can result in very unusual or intense dreams in some people.

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Well, I can definitely attest to that. I had a dream the other day that I was dating Yeji from Itzy. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me watching her MVs 20 times a day.

Image: Gfycat

But can I be blamed?

There has been a rise in intensely vivid dreams and nightmares, which scientists speculate are possibly due to the higher stress levels or the overly monotonous and repetitive days.

I also recently had a dream where I was a villain who hunted Super Mario creatures using a Cardcaptor Sakura wand while dancing to Itzy songs.

Understandable, since all I do for a living is write articles at Goody Feed. (JK don’t fire me)

Damn COVID-19 and circuit breaker.

Hopefully, when all of these is over, we may return to sleeping more normally.


So, how has your recent sleeping been?

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