Boy Gained So Much Weight During Lockdown, He Can’t Fit Into His Uniform When School Reopens

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The ongoing epidemic is many things: infectious, deadly and terrifying.

And yet at the same time, it’s also other things: a platform for scams, the undisputed destroyer of marriages and as the following topic headline indicates:

A real weight gainer.

Boy Gained So Much Weight During Lockdown, He Can’t Fit Into His Uniform When School Reopens

During the lockdown period, we tend to have excessive snacking habits, which also translates to an extra inch…

Around our waistlines.

And while it’s largely harmless as long as the weight gain is in ‘moderation’, one 5-year-old boy in Henan, China, took it a little too far…

And ended up not being able to fit into his uniform.

According to 8Worldthe boy was about to resume classes when he discovered that he has become a little too big for his school uniform.

In fact, he had to suck in his belly to fit inside, and even then it was barely. His grandma also had to assist by pulling the clothes and fastening the buttons.

Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty relatable.

Apparently, the boy had stayed home for a long period of time because of the epidemic and ended up reaching a grand weight total of 47.5KG. 

Well, it looks like the boy’s bulking phase has undeniably worked out.

Image: 未来网

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Netizens have shared their thoughts on the boy’s situation, with some saying they could not imagine the amount of time he had spent sitting down.

One even coined an entire literary poem:






Which, when (loosely) translated into English, means:

“On holiday from January to May, a boy grew fat before his voice breaks. The teacher couldn’t recognise him, asking in shock, fattie, what’s your name?”

Others, however, expressed concern about the boy’s health and said that he should pay attention to his physical well-being. Remarks were also directed towards the boy’s parents.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:


When (loosely) translated into English, it means:

“Can’t understand parents who constantly feed fat children, being overweight is really bad for your health.”


Take Everything In Moderation

The lockdown, or Circuit Breaker in the local context, might have made us lax in the observation of our dietary habits, but one should ensure that they take everything in moderation. After all, gaining weight during the ‘break’ is one thing;

Attaining an unhealthy weight that coincides with the ill-fitting of clothes… is quite another.

And so, while we’re still (mostly) stuck home most of the time, it remains imperative that we regain control of our daily eating habits…

Or we might just face a situation as button-popping as our protagonist above.

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