LOL. There’s a Louis Vuitton fried chicken restaurant and Louis Vuitton isn’t happy


If you say the brand name “Louis Vuitton”, you will probably think of their top luxury signature bags.

However, in South Korea, there is an ambitious shop owner who thought that his fried chicken is so good it’s practically the LV of fried chicken stores. This man called his Seoul restaurant “LOUIS VUITON DAK” — a play on the word “tongdak” which means whole chicken in Korean.

Image: AFP
Image: AFP

His shop logo is also basically a rip-off of LV’s logo, and he even printed it on his napkins and cartons. If you are too poor or cheapo to buy an authentic LV bag, you might want to consider buying takeaway fried chicken from his store.

It looks like a pretty decent quality bag and can probably last you a few weeks of takeaway fried chicken for supper.

Of course, the French fashion house isn’t that happy about this. It filed a suit  saying the use of the company’s name to sell fried chicken was damaging to the brand.

In October, the court ordered the owner to stop immediately and imposed 500,000 won-per-day fine for non-compliance. The owner’s response to that verdict really shows off his creative mind. 

He merely changed the restaurant name to something that he thought was different enough : “chaLouisvui tondak”. Obviously, Louis Vuitton has no lack of money filing lawsuits against people who make use of its brand name and abuse it for profits. 

Louis Vuitton complained again and this week, the court ordered the owner to pay the fashion house 14.5 million won for the 29 days that the new name was displayed. “Although he changed the name with different spacing, the two names sounded almost the same,” the judge said.


Moral of the story? Don’t play play and try to be kay-kiang with multi-national big names.

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