Lombardo’s Burger To Open In SG & Will Sell $250 Truffle Wagyu Lobster Burger Covered In Gold On 11 October

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So I think everyone likes a good burger.

It’s an easy meal when you’re running late for work, going for a less fancy hang out with your friends or when you’re just lazy to think of what to eat.

Burger King, McDonald’s…these usually come to our mind first.

Image: Tenor

But what if we stepped it up a little? What if we go hard on the fancy?

Swensen’s? Nah, friend. Think bigger.

We talking $250, truffle and gold-covered burger. 

The Actual Burger King

Yes, I’m reading this and probably am just as in shock as you are. But we’ll get to that particular item in a minute.

The Amsterdam based Lombardo’s, an extremely famous restaurant with multiple five-star reviews, is about to open its first international outlet in Singapore!

They’re opening pretty soon too, on 11 October.

And if you’re wondering what makes their burgers any different from your run off the mill macs?

Well, let me show this to you.

Image: Instagram (Lombardo’s)

Look at the presentation, salivate at how good those ingredients look and weep with me. 

Founded by chef-owner Martjin Verdonk in 2010. Back then, they only had two burgers on the menu which has since expanded to include 15 different types.

But I know the one you guys want to see. You guys want to see the big-money stuff, right?


Well, they always say you eat with your eyes first, so look below.

Image: Lombardo’s

That is the shiniest burger I have seen in my entire life.

To celebrate their grand opening here, Lombardo’s is selling an actual $250 burger.

That bad boy contains a 200g Wagyu beef patty, lobster tail, foie gras, banana shallots braised in champagne, Italian truffle and red cabbage compote.

Oh, did I mention all of these are wrapped in a 24 karat gold bun and served with a large spoonful of caviar.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

Image: Make A Meme

Fair warning though, this item is limited from 11 October to 21 October only.

And if you ever thought that you might feel guilty eating this or hurting your wallet, we got some good news.


All profits from the burger go straight to The Children’s Charities Association of Singapore, a cause which aims to raise awareness for vulnerable children, and those with disabilities.

Friend, you would be eating for a good cause and you get this amazing burger!

But What If I Miss Those Days

Then too bad –

I mean don’t worry, alternatives exist!

The burgers here are all going to be pricey, but rest assured, not everything is as expensive as the golden boy.


Image: Lombardo’s

This one here is the Singapore Fling. Priced at $35, the description of this would make anyone come back for more than just a one-night-bite.

The burger contains Wagyu beef, crab meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Lombardo’s special house-made burger sauce.

You had me at Wagyu beef and crab meat.

But now we’ll introduce you to the burger that brought the franchise here in the first place.


Image: Instagram (Lombardo’s)

This is also one of their famous ones, the $29.50 pulled pork burger.

The burger prompted franchisee Evelyn Yim to bring the brand here, after she first tried it in Amsterdam.

And that’s just a tease of what they have, you can check out their other lovely burgers at their Instagram page here.

But Where Is It?

If you’re salivating all over your devices like I almost did, this is probably the prime question.


Their address and website can be found below:

Address: 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481
Opening hours: Sun-Wed 11 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 10 pm, Thurs-Sat 11 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 12 am
Tel: 6970 9470

Website: lombardos.sg

Book your calendars, call your friends and drag your colleagues out. I’ll see you there with a crying wallet too.

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