A Study Shows Couple Who Dated a Specific Number of Years Before Marriage Has a Lower Chance of Divorce


Last Updated on 2022-07-26 , 12:49 pm

Apparently, researchers at Emory University have discovered a correlation between the length of the dating period and how long the marriage lasted.

A total of 3,000 currently married or previously married were surveyed for the research. Here are some of the statistics.

Study Shows Couple Who Dated for More Than 3 Years Before Marrying Has a Lower Chance of Divorce

Couples who have been dating for one to two years have approximately 20% lower chance of divorcing when compared to those who have been dating for up to a year.

When these couples were compared to those who have dated for three years or more, the chances of divorce drastically decreases by 50%.

According to the research, knowing your partner before dating him/her can also help in maintaining your marriage. Couples who claimed to know each other very well were also approximately 50% less likely to get divorced.

That being said, I’ve been together with my girlfriend for 4 years and we were friends before getting together. Going by their research, I guess we’ll have a happy marriage!

Why Bird Paradise Suddenly Became Singapore’s Yishun:

Anyway, like I’ve always said, you can’t really quantify and measure love. I’ve seen couples marrying after dating for only 3 months, and they’re still happily married as we speak.

On the other hand, another one of my friends had just broken up with her boyfriend of 6 years. And yeah, it got really ugly once both parties started flaming each other on Facebook!

Hey, marriage takes two hands to clap. If both parties believe that they are ready to tie the knot, by all means, go ahead. I will give them my blessings. After all, you should know your own relationship status better than anyone else!

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