Long John Silver’s Now Selling Ayam Penyet & Ayam Panggang

Image: Facebook (Long John Silver's Singapore)

Let me just say it once and for all: fast-food restaurants in Singapore are no longer catered for kids wanting some meals that’ll make them happy.

Case in point: McDonald’s sour egg yolk loaded fries. Which kid in their right mind like sour eggs? It’s clearly targeted towards old young adults like me.

I remember back in the days when I was a kid, I’d have always cried for a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Guess nowadays, kids cried for a new iPhone.

And second case in point: Long John Silver’s has just come out with Ayam Penyet.


Image: Tenor

In a fast-food restaurant?

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Long John Silver’s New Ayam Penyet & Ayam Panggang

In a move that’ll rival M. Night Shyamalan’s movie twist, Long John Silver’s posted this on 25 February 2019.

We’d have expected yet another salted egg salmon, or another cheesy chicken.

But no—they’ve gone so local, they come out with this instead:

Yes, Ayam Penyet. Here’s their description:

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Long John Silver’s take on a local favourite which is downright tasty.

Ayam Penyet, our battered chicken leg (so huge!) with addictive sambal sauce served on fragrant rice, topped with crispy golden crumbs, shredded cabbage, slices of cucumbers and served with Ice Lemon Tea.

For those with a lower spice tolerance, have our Ayam Panggang featuring a chicken leg topped with Kicap sambal which is sweet and tangy.

For $9.90 a meal that comes with a drink, it’s priced rather reasonable since Ayam Penyet usually costs a leg (geddit?) even in hawker centres.

But hey: it got cheaper 30 minutes later when they suddenly posted an array of online coupons that’l slash $1 off its OG price.

Here are all the coupons for your convenience:

All the vouchers are valid from now until 21 April 2019, and are not valid in the outlets in Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University.

Now, if you’d excuse me, I’m heading to Long John Silver’s for some ayam penyet.

*All images from Facebook (Long John Silver’s Singapore) unless otherwise stated