Long Queues in Woodlands Checkpoint This Morning Are Caused by a Power Outage


Last Updated on 2023-08-01 , 12:55 pm

Craving a weekend getaway to someplace better than Sentosa, Orchard, or your favourite Netflix series?

If you’re thinking of taking that trip down to JB, be prepared for long queues at the checkpoint – longer than they already were.

Power outages at Woodlands Checkpoint

In the early hours of Sunday (9 Oct), while most of us were still sound asleep (no shame, it’s as we should be on a Sunday), travellers at Woodlands Checkpoint ran into a little trouble.

A power outage at Woodlands Checkpoint had caused issues with immigration clearance for several hours.

In a Facebook post at 1:15am, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) advised travellers to enter or depart Singapore via Tuas Checkpoint instead of Woodlands Checkpoint.

Some Facebook users uploaded pictures of the congested roads outside the checkpoint and long vehicular queues.

Another traveller noted that at 3:15am, the checkpoint was “super dark with only emergency lights on”.

Why bother even buying tickets for Halloween Horror Nights anymore?

Immigration clearance and power was only restored at approximately 5:30am, followed by a Facebook post from ICA at 6:25am giving an update on the situation.

Netizens’ responses to this power outage appeared to be mixed, with some netizens lamenting that “Taxpayer pay so high also power outage… Got pay electricity bill or not?”.

It really is the Singaporean experience – every problem we have can be linked back to our high cost of living in one way or another.

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Comments from other netizens lightened the mood, with one particular comment making a witty remark about returning travellers: “A minute of silence for those returning back to SG”.

Stories of how travellers tried to circumvent this problem also sprang up in the sea of comments, with some netizens adding that they had to walk or cycle across the causeway.

One particular comment read: “Jia you guys! You can make it! My bike travelled 90km from jb to 2nd link to home in Sengkang. Lol.”


These travellers really do live up to the phrase “Fitness isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”

A handful of motorists travelling from Malaysia into Singapore also added that they experienced traffic tailback when trying to enter Woodlands Checkpoint.

If there’s one takeaway from this morning’s debacle, it’s not that Tuas Checkpoint is the better checkpoint, or that your JB getaway should just be cancelled altogether.

Perhaps the lesson here is just to have your National Steps Challenge fitness tracker with you, just in case you have to walk across the causeway to come back home.