‘Loud Explosions’ Occurred in Carlton Hotel at Bugis Due to Switch Room Fire

Image: Pelikh Alexey / Shutterstock.com & Facebook (Ricardo Sentosa)

In any office building, there would be periodic fire drills so that occupants would know what to do in case of an emergency.

Now, touch your heart and answer this question: how many of you took part in the last fire drill?

Not anyone from our office, that’s for sure. I guess the management has decided to close one eye since it’s practically impossible to force everyone to join the drill.

After reading this, you might want to consider taking part in it. Or at the very least, convince your boss the importance of a fire drill (because it’s usually the boss who decides; employees definitely want to take part lah, don’t need to work leh).

“Loud Explosions” Heard in Carlton Hotel at Bugis

Carlton Hotel is a four-star hotel located at the heart of Singapore, which is near Bras Basah Complex.

Image: Pelikh Alexey / Shutterstock.com

Not sure if anyone is planning a Valentine’s Day staycation there, but guess if you intend to, you might want to reconsider.

Earlier today at around 1:15 p.m., “loud explosions” were heard in the hotel. According to a Facebook user, there were two explosions in half an hour.

Here’s the aftermath of the explosion:

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force in a Facebook post, the “fire, which was contained within a switch room, was extinguished by SCDF using fire extinguishers. About a thousand persons were evacuated from the building. There were no reported injuries. The cause of fire is under investigation.”

Sounds of fire alarm were ringing in the premises.

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Power to the building was then cut off.

What is a Switch Room?

Now, it’s not a room that’s filled with Nintendo Switches.

Image: Wachiwit / Shutterstock.com

Instead, it’s a room in a building that’s dedicated to electrical equipment, like electric switchboards, distribution boards, circuit breakers and disconnects, electricity meter, transformers and others.

This room is usually restricted only for authorized personnel to enter.

Suffice to say, due to the number of electrical equipment housed in one area, the fire safety measures in the room is usually much higher, some with fire-resistant construction and an extra exit for emergency quick exit.

Apparently, according to an eyewitness, he told The Straits Times that a door (presumably the switch room door) was “blown open”.

Thank God no one was in the room.