Woman Complained After Receiving 3D LRT Train Cake That Didn’t Meet Her Expectations


Would you buy a custom-made cake from Carousell?

This lady took a leap of faith and ordered an LRT train cake, only for it to fall way below her expectations.

Baker from CarouHell?

A Facebook user by the name of Siti Nursufiani shared her experience on the Facebook group “Complaint Singapore”.

Her sister had ordered a 3D LRT train cake from a Carousell business, but it turned out the seller may have been from CarouHell instead.

Of course, the family wasn’t expecting a super grand and luxurious cake for the nephew’s fifth birthday, but $125 for a tiny cake like this?

Image: Facebook (Siti Nursufiani)

Needless to say, the poor five-year-old boy was disappointed, while the rest of the family was left wondering if this cake was a joke.

Carousell Photos Far From Reality

The Carousell business, @thecakesstudio, was started only two months ago. It offers halal cakes made with quality ingredients, delivered at no extra charge.

A scroll through the business’ listings shows some pretty good photos of their offered cakes:

Image: Carousell (@thecakesstudio)

The beautiful cakes in these pictures really make you wonder: what went wrong in the baking process?

However, it is also a possibility that these pictures aren’t the shop’s actual bakes, but taken from elsewhere on the internet. After all, the sole review the account has is from another seller:

Image: Carousell

However, some buyers from the same store have shared their similarly disappointing bakes with Mothership:

Image: Mothership
Image: Mothership

Of course, every story has two sides to it. What did the seller say about this customer’s complaint?

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Did Not Specify Dimensions and Weight, Apparently Offered Refund

Mothership reached out to the seller behind the Carousell page to seek their side of the story, and found out that the buyer did not specify what she wanted.

For instance, people usually specify the dimensions, or at least the weight of the cake when ordering one. However, this customer only sent a reference photo and asked for it to be delivered on Saturday.

Additionally, when told the price, the customer merely said OK despite the lack of specifications. According to the seller, “she wasn’t forced to pay and I did not promise her anything”.

The seller acknowledged that they were also at fault for not following up and asking for the specifications. However, when they apologized to the buyer and offered a $50 refund, the buyer apparently said that they had no issues with the size.


The seller then offered a full refund when the buyer said the issue was with the design. According to the seller, the refund was made but the buyer refused to take down the post, as they wanted to raise awareness about this incident.

However, according to the buyer, she did not receive any refund from the seller yet.

You can read the full Facebook post here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Siti Nursufiani)