Video of 3Y/O Hong Kong Girl Dancing to K-pop Girl Group Blackpink Goes Viral

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All K-pop stans have, at some point in their lives, attempted to learn the neck-breaking choreography that is “Boombayah” by top K-pop girl group Blackpink. 

Just admit it—you’ve tried the iconic hair-flipping move, dropped to the floor in exhaustion with an aching neck and decided that maybe dance just isn’t for you. I’m totally not speaking from personal experience.

And it seems like a certain little girl from Hong Kong hasn’t been spared from the “Boombayah” craze either. 

Video of 3Y/O Hong Kong Girl Dancing to K-pop Girl Group Blackpink Goes Viral

Three-year-old Lucy Lee, daughter of Hong Kong actor Sam Lee Chan-sam, has gone viral for dancing to Blackpink’s hit debut single “Boombayah”, which was released back in 2016. 

In the Instagram video, Lucy can be seen dancing and singing along passionately to the song, following some of the iconic moments of the song and dance choreography, such as the high note in the pre-chorus and the dramatic hair flips that dominate the chorus. 

However, unlike most of us whose efforts to mimic the explosive charisma of Blackpink often go unnoticed by others in the privacy of our own rooms, little Lucy has not only gone viral, but she has also gained the attention of Soonho Choi, who works with Blackpink and is associated with The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. 

Soonho Choi had reposted the video of Lucy dancing to his own Instagram story, to which Lucy’s mother, Sophia, responded with a comment saying, “I am laughing so hard that I have back pain.” 

The video has been re-posted on various accounts, and was even shared on 9gag’s official Instagram account, garnering over 1.5 million views. 

However, Lucy had already been something of a celebrity on Instagram. She currently boasts over 240,000 followers on the account, which was created and managed by her mother. 

Check out the adorable video right here:


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Chinese Lecturer Went Viral for Looking Like Blackpink’s Lisa 

In other recent Blackpink news, a lecturer from the College of Mobile Telecommunications in Chongqing, China went viral because of her close resemblance to Lisa from Blackpink. 

Her students had been the one to upload her photos to Chinese social media platform Weibo. 

Many noted that both her hairstyle and facial structure were similar to Lisa’s, making the resemblance a rather striking one indeed. 

You can read more about it right here.

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