Luxurious Confinement Centre Opening In Newton So That New Mothers Can Have A Well-Deserved Break

For some mothers, the confinement period can be an extremely important period as it is an opportunity for a woman to adjust her body constitution and nurse herself back to health.

While most mothers would employ confinement nannies to help them look after the baby while they ease into motherhood, some might not be comfortable with the thought of letting a stranger take care of their newborn baby.

This is where Kai Suites comes in.

Image: Kai Suites

An Atas Confinement Centre

Kai Suites will be Singapore’s first luxury confinement centre. Set to open in 2020, it offers posh suites, “Michelin-Style” meals and care provided by experienced, ex-maternity ward nurses.

Located in a lush, resort-like setting in Newton, it puts them right in the heart of other surrounding medical facilities like the Thomson Medical Centre, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Novena Medical Hub, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Gleneagles Hospital.

Image: Kai Suites
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Created to revolutionise the confinement experience, this resort confinement centre will make every mother’s postpartum experience feel like a holiday staycation.

Eastern Or Western? 

The co-founder of Kai Suites Kevin Kwee is also a husband who has seen his wife give birth four times.

In Singapore, where we are influenced by both eastern and western cultures, there are “a lot of confusing and even conflicting information between Western medical models and traditional Asian health perspectives” regarding pre and post-partum practices, noted Kwee.

Kai Suites combines both Eastern and Western health modalities along with the expertise of medical practitioners and wellness specialists.

No more arguing with your in-laws over which practices to follow.

Very Experienced Staff 

According to CNA, the 18 suites in the confinement centre will be served by 80 staff members to ensure that the mothers receive the attention and care that they need during this vulnerable period.

Image: Kai Suites

The staff are ex-maternity ward nurses with more than 10 years of experience.

“Michelin-Star Style” food will be prepped by a group of doctors, nutritionists and chefs. A special candlelight dinner can also be prepared for the new mum and her husband.

Clients can expect the best and rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Top-Notch Facilities 

With only 18 suites in total, the average room size is about 28 square metres. Each room is outfitted like an upmarket hotel room.

Image: Kai Suites

Mothers can expect to find mod cons like a 65-inch flat-screen TV.

The confinement centre also includes a medical clinic, an aesthetics clinic, wellness services such as physiotherapy and meditation, a hair salon, a cafe, a lounge for visitors and a nursery where babies will spend most of their time.

Atas Services Available 

Tanny Kea, Kai Suites’ Chief Strategy Officer noted that hair loss caused by fluctuating hormone levels is common. Kai Suites offers a range of hair treatments for their clients.

Abs that have been stretched out by pregnancy can be “stitched” back by a machine called Emsculpt.

In addition, a hair wash, manicure, pedicure, facial, pre- and post-natal massages and a week’s worth of traditional Javanese jamu wraps will be available for mothers who want to tone their tummies after giving birth.

It Ain’t Going To Be Cheap 

A standard package at the luxurious confinement centre will cost $12,000.

For $12,000, clients will get a three-month prenatal programme, seven-day stay after discharge from the maternity ward and another three-month postnatal programme.

Mothers can opt to stay in for 14 or 30 days, or even longer.

The prenatal classes will cover topics like first aid, hygiene and lactation while post-natal classes teach skills such as how to sterilise and store breast milk properly, etc.

An exercise programme will be specially developed for different stages of pregnancy and post-delivery.

Kea mentioned that many mothers experience blockages and engorgement whether it’s due to stress, tiredness or poor technique. It can lead to feelings of guilt, pain and infections.

Individual lactation consultations are available to ensure proper breastfeeding techniques.

With all that it has to offer, Kai Suites definitely provides a very luxurious experience to new mothers undergoing confinement.

However, luxury comes at an expensive price.

Would you be willing to pay?