M Ravi to Stop Practising Law for 6 Weeks due to MC from His Psychiatrist


On 22 Nov, a four-day hearing into a lawsuit initiated by 13 SBS drivers against SBS Transit began.

Many of us had been paying attention to the case since 2019 when the drivers had commenced legal proceedings.

But instead of the revelations we had been hoping for, the drivers’ legal representative, M. Ravi, grabbed all the headlines.

He apparently called SBS’ lawyer Senior Counsel Davinder Singh a clown and claimed that the judge is biased, as well as pronouncing that he and his clients would be discharging themselves from the case.

The lead plaintiff in the case later said they were embarrassed at how Mr Ravi had treated the judge and SBS’ lawyer, and appointed People’s Voice chief Lim Tean instead.

Now it appears that Mr Ravi won’t be taking on any other cases for quite some time.

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M Ravi to Stop Practising Law for 6 Weeks due to MC from His Psychiatrist

Reports indicate that Mr Ravi has been issued a medical certificate (MC) from his attending psychiatrist, meaning he will not be able to practice law for six weeks.

Mr Ravi, a human rights lawyer, reportedly has bipolar disorder.

This is a condition stipulated in Mr Ravi’s practising certificate, which he attained in 2019.

As part of this requirement, the 52-year-old has to stop practising law if his attending psychiatrist prescribes at least three days of medical leave within any period of 14 calendar days.

The Law Society of Singapore (LawSoc) called this a “safeguard” to “protect the interests of the public, the legal profession and the administration of justice.”

LawSoc’s president, Senior Counsel Gregory Vijayendran, wished the lawyer a “fully and speedy recuperation”. He also advised Mr Ravi to use this time away from the courts “as a time for reflection”.

In the meantime, the SBS lawsuit is now scheduled for a new pre-trial conference this month.

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