M1 Scrapping All Mobile Phone Plans & Creating Base Contract Plan For All Customers

The telco war ain’t over just yet.

Make way for big player M1, who has just entered the game and is the last of the traditional players to make their move.

Back in March, Singtel launched GOMO with competitive prices, and just last week, StarHub went launched giga, which could give Singtel a run for its money.

Both are new plans for no-contract, SIM-only mobile offerings.

I guess M1’s trying to prove the phrase ‘save the best for the last’ right by coming late to the party.

For not only have they revamped their SIM-only plans, but they’ve revamped EVERYTHING.

Only One Plan 

M1 has just announced that they would be scrapping all of their existing mobile plans and moving forward with one base plan each for SIM-only and handset bundles (plans accompanying mobile devices) from yesterday (28 May 2019) onwards, called #BuildYourOne.

Image: M1

Starting from $25 a month for the SIM-only plan, the base plan starts at 30GB of data with 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 SMSes (who cares).

For the contract plans, the base plan starts at 12GB of data, 100 minutes of talk time and 100 SMSes, going for $30 a month.

You can then add-on more data or other services depending on what you need and how much your budget is with plan add-ons or bundle pack add-ons for data and talk time, effectively personalising your own plan.

Image: M1

It’s Like Cai Png

It’s as simple as adding on more dishes to your cai png- you get the basic set of rice, then you can add on dishes according to what you want and how much your lunch money is.

Sounds economical enough.

The base plans also cover perks such as unlimited data over the weekends, free caller ID and free unlimited music streaming on Spotify (ooh) and more.

“We believe that our customers deserve true value and to pay only for what they need. These easy-to-understand and easy-to-build plans allow our customers to make their own decisions and build it just the way they want,” said Mr Manjot Singh Mann, the CEO of M1.

Now even mobile phone plans can be customisable and personalised, which is good for those of us who have commitment issues.

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If you’re an existing customer under contract with M1, you may download the My M1 app or call 1627 to check if you’re eligible for the new plan.

New Website

Since everything’s done on the Internet these days, M1 understands that and is giving customers a chance to sign up for their own mobile plans online easily through their new website in a step-by-step mobile plan building process.

You can simply log in to your M1 account, then begin from choosing which base plan you want, followed by the device you want to buy, then your plan add-ons, which will determine the price of your device. Lastly, you can add-on even more services.

This process will only take you about 2 to 3 steps, and it’s extremely convenient and easy to use, even for tech idiots (I just tried).

You’re also able to have your SIM card or new device delivered to your doorstep for free after you finish signing up for the new plans, but maybe you might not want to use SingPost for this service lest they lose your new phone.

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Everything can be done online without you having to leave your comfy chair – the future of tomorrow is already here today!

Who Wins?

Between M1, StarHub, Singtel, Circles.Life and Zero Mobile, there’s no telling who will emerge victorious with high subscriber rates to their new or changed plans just yet.


Everyone’s switching up their mobile offerings month after month, and we’re all probably confused as to which one we should choose now, just like we had to shop for electricity vendors just a few months back.

All I can say is, we’re definitely spoilt for choice.

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