Maid Used Family’s Details to Borrow Money: 6 Topics S’poreans Talked About Today (11 May)

Image: taffpixture / + Facebook (Velle Yee)

Over the past few weeks, it’s not just the Malaysian elections that Singaporeans are super curious about.

By the way, Tun Dr Mahathir won. Hopefully, the SG-KL HSR will still go on.

But there’s another thing that Singaporeans are dying to know.

Where exactly will Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump meet? And I don’t know about you, but the guys in the office are desperately hoping it isn’t Singapore.

Because #NS

But before that, let’s look at something that has happened first.

S’porean Family Nightmare Begins When Maid Borrowed Money Using Their Details

Whenever you lose your NRIC, do you report it to the police? I do. After all, that is life’s SOP.

It might be paranoia, but it’s paranoia that could, potentially, save you a lot of heartache and troubles in the future.

Like someone using your NRIC to go borrow money.


So when this family started getting harrassed because their maid allegedly borrowed money from licensed and unlicensed moneylenders with their details, their nightmare started.

On 6 May, Facebook user Velle Yee shared her story on Facebook.

Oct 2017

Yee and her family discovered that her maid took a loan from 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd, a licensed moneylender.

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They also found out that she had used Yee’s contact details in the application for the loan.

The family immediately made a police report.

23 Apr 2018

The family received a letter from JR Credit (S) Pte Ltd, another licensed moneylender demanding for payment.

Their maid claimed that she had already returned the money, but when they approached the moneylender, they were told that wasn’t true.

They decided to cancel her work permit.

24 Apr 2018

You’d have thought that’s all, right? Nope.

The family received a letter from an unlicensed moneylender. The letter threatened violence should the maid not return the money.

The family called the police again and asked for them to come to their home this time.

It was then that, under pressure, the maid reportedly revealed everything.

Loaned from 6 Moneylenders, Not Planning to Return to S’pore

The maid has over $2,100 in outstanding debt from both licensed and unlicensed moneylenders, as well as 5 separate installment payments.

Yee also found receipts of the maid’s shopping spree after she was notified of her home leave, a period where foreign domestic workers can return home to spend some time with her family before coming back to Singapore for work again.

She bought mobile phones…

…and jewellery.

The police took her into custody until she returned home on 26 Apr.

MOM Unable to Ban Her

According to Yee, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) was unable to place an employment ban on her maid as she was not charged and proven guilty under Singapore law.

The best they could do was to place her on the referral list. Any future potential employer of the maid can call her for reference before hiring her.

However, employers who do not call her can still employ the maid.


You can read her post in full here.

S’pore Chosen As N.Korea-US Leaders Meeting Place


And it has been settled. In a presidential tweet.

Image: @realdonaldtrump

Now, you might think, Tweet only mah, official meh? For Trump, it probably is.

And Channel Newsasia seems to think so too.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said that Singapore is happy to host the meeting on 12 Jun 2018. The exact location isn’t confirmed yet.

It hopes that the talks will bring more progress to the peace to the Korean Peninsula.

The talks are expected to be focused on North Korea’s rapidly advancing nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes.

Police’s New Cameras Detecting Illegal U-Turn & Stopping To Be Online By June

Love making U-turns at places you usually don’t? Or maybe, you do stupid things like this.

Whichever it is, it might be good to stop that practice soon.

Even if not for the sake of road safety, do it because you don’t want to be caught.

The police announced that they’ll be trialing a new camera system that sounds super powderful.

Using 3D laser scanners, the cameras are able to detect multiple traffic infractions at the same time.

The system will automatically catch illegal u-turns, causing obstruction at yellow box junction and illegal turning.

The new system will be tested at the junction of Thomson Road and Newton Road. The two junctions are accident-prone and the police wants to see how effective the new system will be.

Not at catching people, but deterring reckless driving behaviour.

Here’s the sort-of-good news: drivers who are caught committing offences with the new camera system will not get summoned.

But, of course lah, if you get into an accident and caught doing stupid things on the new system, they’ll still use it as evidence. #JustSaying

Brave Man Walked Onto Road With Heavy Traffic To Rescue Distressed Puppy at Upper Thomson

What would you do if you see a puppy on the road?



Then drive on?

Well, not this Singaporean man whom we’ll call Mr Badass.

Image: Sunita Parhar Facebook Video

On 8 May, Facebook user Sunita Parhar uploaded two videos.

She described an experience she had when driving along Upper Thomson.

A puppy was in the middle of a road with heavy traffic and didn’t know where to siam to.

Image: Sunita Parhar Facebook Video

And the cars that whiz by the puppy scared him to death.

Then, Mr Badass appears.

Stopping his car at the leftmost lane, he walked towards the dog.

Image: Sunita Parhar Facebook Video

Then, he picked him off the ground and walk off the road. Like Big Boss.


You can watch the video here.

Now, while most netizens would be saying, Oh, he’s not that great. Orh hor, illegal stopping. 

Or even, Please don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. All he did was carry the dog and the other vehicles stopped for him lor!

I think he’s great.

Not everyone would’ve even bothered stopping, or dare to.

They’ll be thinking, what if I get STOMP-ed and people say I obstructed the traffic? What if people think I’m kaypo? Aiya, someone else will solve the problem wan can?

The last one is true. I studied that in psychology. We even wrote about it.

So yes, this man is the hero for the day. Goody Feed says so.

Image: Quora

Coz anyone saving a dog is a hero.


Carousel Story About Woman Who Got Refunded in Coins Is So K-Drama

Goody Feed isn’t stranger to Korean dramas. After all, we’ve (tried) to do one ourselves.

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But wait till you hear about this real life story that sounds like it’ll fit right into a Korean drama.

So here’s what happened.

On 8 May, STOMP reported about this Carousel seller who refunded Stomper Y in coins.

Image: STOMP

And left her in tears.

The best part is, she was unwell and staying at the hospital.

He sent her a series of texts after the refund when she tried to complain about it.

Image: STOMP

So there everyone was, thinking, what a loser. Bully woman only. 

And when his account was suspended (it wasn’t known if it was because of this incident), netizens cheered.

Image: QuickMeme

But there’s more.

Here’s where it starts to get Korean drama-ish. You know, the twist?

A new series of texts has surfaced online, and it shows that the woman wasn’t as innocent as it seems.

Image: STOMP

The woman had allegedly tried to be the middleman and encouraged the seller to jack up his prices.

In exchange, she’ll get her Tamagotchi for free.

Image: STOMP

She even found a photo of a Tamagotchi that she knows her friend will like.

In the end, the deal fell through.

It was the seller’s friend who decided to step forward with the seller’s side of the story.

Image: STOMP

Y also allegedly texted the seller to gloat, talking about how she has the protection of the netizens.

Image: STOMP

Blackmail, intrigue, layers of deception and bad guy’s alleged monologue after seemingly winning.

Isn’t that Kdrama in a nutshell?

Ex-Crystal Jade Chef Selling XLB at Kopitiam

Guys, this is a permanent Don’t Say Bojio. You can eat restaurant grade XLB…for cheap.

Image: Imgflip

Meet Li Huaizhi, originally from Liao Ning but has worked in Singapore for over 10 years.

A former dim sum chef at Crystal Jade and Tung Lok restaurants, he has since opened his own stall.

In a hawker centre.


This guy here has more than 20 years of experience in making good XLB and noodles. Sorry, let me try again.

GREAT XLB and noodles. (At least according to reviews lah).

And if one isn’t enough, he has a former colleague working with him at the stall.

With rave reviews…

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

And it’s not just xlbs. Their noodles and dumplings are apparently pretty good too.

Image: Instagram

You’d know you have to give it a shot.

  • Supreme Ramen Xiao Long Bao is at #01-359, Blk 46, Holland Drive, S270046.
  • Opens daily: 8 am to 8.30 pm

You’re welcome! 😉

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