Maid in Simei Slipped from HDB Flat; Fall Caught By a Heroic Elderly

What would you do if you see this?

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

Pretty sure you’ll freak out.

Well, not this guy.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

The 63-year-old man decided to try break her fall if she falls.

And she did.

This video that occurred in Simei has gone viral for obvious reasons. Happening around 11:25 a.m. on Thursday (26 April 2018), a foreign domestic worker allegedly slipped off the ledge when she was cleaning the window.

A man in the flat managed to hold on to her, but she eventually fell.

The video didn’t show how the elderly man break her fall, but both of them were sent to the hospital in a conscious state.

MOM is now investigating the matter, and reminded us of this: “Employers of FDWs are required to provide safe working conditions and ensure their FDWs perform their duties according to the safe work practices stipulated by MOM.”

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