Maid Allegedly Put Toddler’s Hand in Boiling Hot Water Because She Wants To Go Home


Living in Singapore isn’t cheap, especially when it comes to raising children.

This is why oftentimes, both parents tend to work full-time while they get a relative, usually the kid’s grandma to care for their children.

Understandably though, some would rather hire domestic helpers to be the caregivers because they’d rather not trouble their in-laws.

Despite all the horror stories you might see in the news about a few domestic helpers abusing kids and the elderly, you choose to take a leap of faith and hope for the best.

You think that it might not happen to you, especially if you take measures like installing security cameras in your home.

Turns out, even that won’t deter them if they really want to go home.

Helper Allegedly Put Toddler’s Hand in Boiling Hot Water Because She Wants To Go Home

A Facebook user by the name of Amy Low Mei Liang took to Facebook to share her harrowing experience with her domestic helper.

She explains how she had no choice but to work to keep up with family expenses, hence she was forced to hire a domestic helper.

Her helper’s task was solely to care for her 16-month-old daughter and that it didn’t matter if she didn’t “have time to do everything in the kitchen”.

She said that she gave specific instructions to the helper never to bring her younger daughter into the kitchen, and that she need not cook anything because the family can always tabao dinner.

The Incident

The fateful incident allegedly happened on 14 January, 5.13pm, when the helper was at home alone with Amy’s two children, aged eight years old and 16 months old.

At 5.20pm her eight-year-old daughter called her husband and informed him that her youngest daughter had suffered a burn.

Image: Facebook (Amy Low Mei Liang)

“We were shocked and rushed our girl to a nearby clinic, but the doctor thought it was too serious a burn wound hence referred us to hospital a & e instead.”

Image: Facebook (Amy Low Mei Liang)

Now, remember how she had previously informed the helper that she doesn’t have to cook?

When questioned, the helper explained that it was an accident.

“She was carrying my girl while cooking in the kitchen and that my daughter ‘touched’ the pot by herself and the maid didn’t expect it to happen as it happened too quick.”

Image: Facebook (Amy Low Mei Liang)

They chose to believe her even though the doctor at the A&E was doubtful.

Helper Suddenly Wanted To Go Home The Very Next Day

The very next day, the helper packed her things and insisted to return to the agency.

At this stage, Amy was still reassuring her that she was not to blame and that she can still stay. However, she still wanted to return home so she called the agency up.

Sensing something amiss, she checked the CCTV footage at home while she waited for the maid to be picked up only to see something absolutely horrifying.

The footage showed her helper forcibly dipping her hand into a boiling pot.


She made a police report immediately.

Plot Twist: Agent Was Also In On the Plan

“Before the police arrived, I questioned the maid why did she do that to my daughter. She said she wants to go home, she said that her friends taught her to do it, so that she could go home.
And when I asked if the agent was also involved, she said yes – he said that I could go home if I do this! How horrifying!”

She also said that the helper had only worked for them for about a month and that she mentioned that she wanted to go home 2 weeks ago, but everything was (seemingly) settled after the agent spoke to the helper.

Amy also claims that she has never blamed the helper because she knows taking care of a child and juggling housework is no easy feat.

Following this, the agent allegedly “kept threatening and harassing” Amy, accusing her of being a bad employer and abusing the helper.

She has tried to seek help from the police but she claims that there isn’t much that they can do.


“The police mentioned that unless the agent harassed us again, else they won’t be taking any further action.”

At the end of the day, she hopes that parents with domestic helpers remain vigilant and install the necessary security measures.

Helper Has Been Arrested

The latest update is that the 30-year-old domestic helper has been arrested on 15 January at her employer’s home at Block 992B Buangkok Link for hurting a 16-month-old toddler under her care.

You can view the full post and the video here.