McDonald’s Mala Shaker Fries Review: Probably the Best Fries from McDonald’s So Far


In the last few years, mala stalls have popped up in almost every coffeeshop, and people have been flocking to these stalls in droves, throwing Yusof Ishaks at the stallholders.

And it’s therefore no surprise that McDonald’s isn’t going to let those uncles in white T-shirt earn all the dough.

Today, McDonald’s releases the Mala Shaker fries, and from the headline, you should know that they’ve learned their lessons from their salted egg yolk loaded fries.

McDonald’s Mala Shaker Fries Review: Probably the Best Fries from McDonald’s So Far

Before anything, here’s a disclaimer: I’m not a mala fan, and the only times I’ve mala are with my colleagues when they kept on emphasizing how goody it is, when all it did was to burn my tongue and make my lips feel bigger.

However, I don’t hate it per se; it’s merely another dish that I’ll have only if it was the only option.

For a start, we didn’t expect to order the fries from GrabFood; after all, when the Samurai Burger and seaweed shaker fries were released, long queues were formed in almost all McDonald’s outlets and trying to order McDonald’s from GrabFood is akin to trying to travel overseas in 2020.

So it’s a surprise when we could order it this afternoon; what’s even more shocking is that as of now, 4 out of 6 outlets near our office are still available for order in Bukit Batok.

I guess mala doesn’t have the same appeal as seaweed fries.

The Looks & Smell

Here’s the little package that makes all the difference:

It looks innocent enough, and upon opening it, it smells like the powder for a pack of Curry Maggie Mee.

Upon smelling the package, I was convinced that I was going to waste my calories on yet another honey mustard fr—I mean, salted egg yolk loaded fries.

But at least the colour looks Instagram-worthy enough, except that I don’t have an Instagram account.

The mala game only started when I take a bite of this little hot potato.


And when I said little hot potato, I meant it; all it took was just one piece of the fries, and a few seconds later, my tongue was numbed.

It was so salty that I felt like I’ve hit my daily sodium intake with that little potato, but I decided to leave all health advices to 2021 immediately because the numbing sensation is so authentic and almost addictive, I suddenly felt in love with the clown in yellow.

Thankfully, I had Filet-O-Fish with my fries, so chances are I won’t be spending the last hour of 2020 in the toilet. My spiciness tolerance level is so-so—I can take spicy food and won’t faint, but I’ll cry if I had to bite into ten chilli padis.

So here’s a piece of advice: if you can’t take spicy food, avoid this at all cost.


But then again, you won’t be having mala if your life is so sad and boring, right?

Reader Bao: You just insulted many people who don’t take spicy food

You mean people who lead sad and boring lives?

After downing everything, my tongue is numbed and my lips have turned into sausages: the exact side effects we’re willing to accept after having anything mala.

While it’s salty, the saltiness somehow makes it addictive and matches the fries well. Why didn’t anyone think of adding salt to fries, right?

Whether you’re a mala fan or just someone like me who has mala every few months, here’s the conclusion: this is a must-have, and it’s a surprise that it hasn’t generated queues in McDonald’s outlets.



Rating: 5/5