Malay Boy Befriends Stray Dog But It Was Captured By Authorities After Someone Reported It

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A dog is a man’s best friend.

I’m sure all of you have heard that phrase many times, and some of you may even have your own little furry ball of sunshine that you would consider your best friend.

And if you do, I’m sure that you can’t ever imagine what it must be like to have him or her taken away from you.

Boy Befriends Stray Dog That Is Later Captured

Unfortunately, a young Malay boy in Malaysia, Atiff Aiman, had to experience that when his playful little friend was captured and taken away by authorities.

Image: Twitter (@AtiffAiman)

The story begins with Atiff befriending a stray dog and building a wonderful relationship with it.

He enjoyed its company and both of them were very happy with each other, but little did they know that their friendship was going to be short-lived.

Atiff was gutted when the dog was captured and treated cruelly by local authorities after someone made a report, informing them about him befriending the dog.

He expressed his disappointment on Twitter, saying “This dog was captured because someone made a report. The dog has never disturbed anyone at all. They only fight back if the naughty kids in the residential area provoke and bully it.”

Treated Cruelly By Authorities

Image: Twitter (@AtiffAiman)

The entire Twitter thread contains videos of the authorities taking the dog away, and also videos of Atiff’s time spent with the dog.

The dog can be heard yelping in pain as the authorities use two long sticks to bring it into a truck and take it away.

Image: Twitter (@AtiffAiman)

It must have been horrible for the poor dog. And also for Aliff, who had no choice but to let them take him away.

Someone Managed To Adopt The Dog

He eventually found out that there was a way to save the dog after it was captured. However, he did not have enough money to do it and he had to find someone who was willing to spend RM100 (~S$32.97) to adopt and “bailout” the dog.

Since his thread on Twitter had gone viral by then, he managed to find someone in less than 24 hours.


A lady had come forward and offered to adopt the dog. She was also willing to pay for the cost of all his medical treatments at the vet.

Image: Twitter (@AtiffAiman)

Phew. Although the dog won’t get to be reunited with Aliff, at least it will get a new, proper home and be well taken care of by its new owners.

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