Malaysia Bestselling A1 Crab Flavour Vermicelli White Soup Now Available In S’pore

Last Updated on 2019-07-03 , 6:12 pm

I‘m sure when you’re overseas you would’ve thought about eating Bee Hoon. But not just any Bee Hoon. You want Crab Bee Hoon.

And I know you people want it. The salty-sweet flavour of crab stock, with the silky Vermicelli, soaked in the broth until it’s hmmm so good.

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And you’d be happy to know that A1‘s got your stomach with their Crab Flavour Rice Vermicelli White Soup.

Selling Now At Fairprice

This baby above is possibly Malaysia’s best selling vermicelli.

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And I know Singaporeans want it bad, cause this was on Carousell for S$7.50. Per-packet. 

So here’s the good news: You can now buy it at FairPrice. At 4 packets for S$7.90. In Singapore.

That’s $2 a pop, so please, stop buying from Carousell now, yeah?

It’s easy to cook but add a little more water

If even my stupid colleagues and I can cook this, then so can you.

Just dump everything in a pot with water and cook like maggie mee lah. The best part? It only took 3 minutes.

Ok, the total process was more than 3 minutes since Goody Feed’s kitchen is an office table and industrial building toilet for washing basin, but if we can do it so can you.

And in case you’re doubting if the dumb writers at Goody Feed really did cook it, here’s the cooking process with boiling water.

Just look at that creamy, milky broth.

Image: Tenor

Note: The instructions say to put 500ml water, but our experience shows that putting about 700ml is better for the end result, which we did for the second cooking.

And it really tastes like Crab

But how did it taste?

Let’s talk about the second version which we added more water.

One sip and my editor’s eyes lit up.

Image: Giphy

Yes, the broth tasted like crab, the quality that you usually get with Japanese ramen broth, thick and flavourful.

And the silky bee hoon helps to enhance the entire experience.

It had the salty-sweet flavour with a briny taste of the seas, and the addition of the surimi/crab sticks makes me feel like I’m eating a budget version of crab bee hoon.

What are those golden and green speckles? Those, are fried garlic and dried green onions, my friend.

And I can only say: legit. The dried spring onions and garlic didn’t taste instant.

And the fried garlic still retained its crispiness (which is an accomplishment since I’ve eaten at restaurants with soggy fried garlic).

So, is that almost too perfect?

Well, here’s the thing about the broth. Remember how I kept emphasising the difference between 500 and 700 ml?

Well, yes, it appears that the extra 200ml water added really makes the soup go from not bad to amazing.

The other thing is you might want to watch the ingredient and nutritional information.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

At about S$2 per packet, maybe it is a far stretch to say buy this as a replacement to cai png.

But if you’re looking at it to satisfy a craving for crab bee hoon on a budget, your wallet’s safe here.

And if you think convenience is an issue, I remind you that these can be bought at any Fairprice outlets.

Which, let’s be honest here, is everywhere.

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with A1.