M’sia Hotels Turn on Lights in Certain Empty Rooms to Create Encouraging Messages

People in Malaysia might not be having the best time right now, due to the nationwide lockdown that is currently ongoing.

Although it was initially supposed to end today, on 31 Mar, the Malaysian government decided to extend it until 14 Apr, hoping that the coronavirus outbreak will be more contained by then.

Until then, the lockdown is restricting all 32 million people in Malaysia to their homes, which is not exactly an ideal situation for all of them.

Hence, it really is heartwarming to see the staff of these hotels in Malaysia try and cheer everyone up with their simple but thoughtful actions.

Hotels In Malaysia Use Lights To Create Encouraging Messages

Several hotels in Malaysia have been lighting up to display cute icons or spell out short messages to all Malaysians and uplift their spirits.

BERNAMA TV shared some pictures on their Twitter profile of Hotel Tenera, Bangi using lights to spell out messages like “Be Safe”.

Image: Twitter (@BernamaTV)

Their caption for the post read:

“Following the spread of the Covid-19 virus that has hit the country and the world, Hotel Tenera, Bangi was seen creating a variety of simple messages that are attractive and creative using the lights of their hotel rooms, every night.”

Another Twitter user also replied to BERNAMA TV’s tweet with his own pictures of Hatten Hotel, Melaka, which was doing the same thing.

Image: Twitter (@FarhanRoslann)
Image: Twitter (@FarhanRoslann)

Other Hotels Light Up To Show Support To Frontliners

Both of these tweets were posted on 28 and 29 Mar respectively.

Just a few days ago, some other hotels in Malaysia also lit up some rooms to form a giant heart on the outside of the hotel.

This was done to show solidarity and appreciation to the frontliners who were working hard all day and night to contain the virus.

Some of the hotels that took part in this include the Riverside Majestic Hotel Kuching, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, Invito Hotel & Residences KL and a few others.

The Gardens Hotel & Residences took to their Facebook page to thank all of Malaysia’s frontliners in the fight against Covid-19.

Image: Facebook (The Gardens Hotel & Residences)

“As the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves, let us take a moment to celebrate the frontliners of Malaysia who continue to offer their services in the face of adversity,” they wrote.

“Thank you to the unsung heroes of this nation – health care workers, scientists, cleaners, cashiers and employees in grocery stores, drivers, delivery men, journalists, and countless others.”

Aww, little actions like these can go a long way to make someone’s day. 

Malaysians can probably continue to look forward to more cute messages like these over the next two weeks of their lockdown.


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