Malaysia Syndicate Caught Selling Fake COVID-19 Negative Result Slip to Foreign Workers


Is testing too much of a hassle because of long queues?

Know that you got some of the Coco-19 but just want to make yourself feel better?

Just want to watch the world burn as you wave around your negative result slips while you walk around to spread the virus?

Then you’d be happy to know that you can buy fake COVID-19 negative result slips for the low low price of RM50. Also, the police want to know your location.

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You know, just for a chat with kopi.

In fact, the police had already chatted with two of these sellers.

Police Raided Jalan Alor, Arrested Two Bangladeshi Men

Image: Facebook

During the raids conducted at 5.40 pm, 5 June 2020, the two were arrested while manning the counter at Jalan Alor, Malaysia. They were taken to the Dang Wangi police station for further investigations.

Several laptops, printers, laminators, pieces of fake COVID-19 screening test results and RM1,331 in cash were seized in the raid.

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Operated for One to Two Weeks

Image: Facebook (Bernama TV)

Malay Mail reports that counters had been set up at the sidewalk in front of shops on Jalan Alor selling COVID-19 screening test results for RM50, operating from noon to 9 pm.

Each counter appeared to have a person using a laptop while dealing with clients, who are thought to be foreigners.

Now, you might be wondering how profitable this “business” is.

The rental for the site is RM600 per month, and manpower costs are estimated to be RM1,500 to RM1,700 per month.

A quick check on Google shows Jalan Alor to be a very crowded place with lots of street food (unless there’s another Jalan Alor somewhere…).

The police say they will take strict action against those involved.

“Such irresponsible attitude of prioritising monetary gains like this will only bring harm to the public and it undermines the government’s efforts to break the Covid-19 chain of infection,” Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said.

If you know any information, you may contact the Kuala Lumpur Police Hotline at 03-2115 9999 or head to any nearby police station.


Here’s a scary thought: Assuming they balance their register every day, with RM1,331 seized it means that they would have at most 26 customers on that day. Operating at two weeks, this means they could have sold around 364 fake results.

(Take this with a huge pinch of salt since this is just a short mental calculation based on what is known.)

Do we have 300 foreigners walking around in Malaysia with fake COVID-19 results? Do we have 300 that need it? Don’t know, and that’s what makes it scary.

Image: Imgflip