Malaysian Fishermen Illegally Caught 30 Dolphins To Make Dried Meat

Being a cat-and-dog, and in general, animal lover, I’m generally opposed to any sort of killings.

Image: Giphy

As are you (I hope).

Which is why this case made me cringe (think of the fisherman running his harpoon into red flesh there, and there) when I heard about it.

30 Dolphins Captured for Dried Meat

Two Thai fishermen were caught in a video in Thai waters hunting dolphins.

They captured 30 dolphins which would be slaughtered for dried meat. Tanachao, 56, and his assistant, Shanti, 49, were on board a fishing boat named “S Pornthepnawee 9” and had dragged 30 dolphins unto the boat!

Image: Giphy

Now, before I whip out my inner savage and start punning the ship’s name (Porn-star, Pornsak, Porn-whatever, Fishporner), I’m happy to report that some of the dolphins were let go back into the waters.

Some. Others were, sad to say, slaughtered.

O Coast Guard, why didn’t thou turn up on time? Some fins and tails and souls and tears were lost because of your lateness!

Thai PM Orders An Investigation

Good news is, the video was released by the Royal Thai Police and the Thai Prime Minister has reportedly has ordered an investigation into the matter.

While police are still working out the number of dolphins slaughtered or released, the two men are not being let off lightly.

If the two are found guilty, they stand to be fined no less than 300,00 Baht (~S$13,641) or not more than 3 million Baht (~S$136,417) under Article 145 of the Royal Fisheries Act.

Plus an addition jail sentence of more than two years.

It’s justice served, babae! But… no amount of jail or fine can get back those dolphins’ lives.

Image: Giphy

Therefore, next time before you sink your teeth into sharks’ fin, or even harbour a thought of it, think again.

Once bitten, forever gone. Or

Before bitten, already gone.


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