Malaysian Man Travels Across The World To Spend Time With His Girlfriend

How far would you go for something or someone you love?

Much like the 10ccs classic, the things we do for love sometimes have us going crazy for it or making a compromise.

But what if the relationship’s a long-distance one, with someone you can’t simply see every day or week? Some might feel the pain, some may even give up.

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Well, that sure didn’t stop Aqil Harith Amran from going to see the love of his life.

Go The Distance

Aqil, 23, Mechanical Engineering student in the University of Colorado Boulder first met his girlfriend, Sofea, 22, while she was studying at the University of South Australia.

During April, when Aqil was back in Malaysia, Sofea went back as well during her week-long break just to spend time with him.

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Touched by her actions to keep the relationship going strong, Aqil decided to repay her in kind: by planning to visit her in Adelaide.

Over the course of the summer holidays, instead of relaxing, he decided to work 40 hours a week at a front desk reception, earning about USD$11.20 (~S$15.47) per hour.

After paying for his expenses and giving some back to his family, he saved up the remaining money to fund his trip to see Sofea.

My guy with the A+ in dedication. Respect. 


Finally, on August 12, Aqil flew to Adelaide for a ten-day trip to visit her.

And boy, did they look like they were having the time of their lives!

Getting diabetes. Too much wholesome content.

He documented their entire time together in a short video, which he then uploaded to Instagram and Twitter.

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In fact, as of this writing, the video on twitter has over 76,000 likes and almost 43,000 retweets! That’s more than some can say across multiple social media accounts.

When asked about their relationship, Aqil mentions that aside from being a couple, they are also each other’s best friend. Comfortable around each other, no secrets, and no need to put up a front.

Best couple of the year when?

I’d like to remind everyone that this relationship is long distance. 

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In a relationship, trust and mutual respect are always needed from both parties in order to maintain it.

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But to have that AND be apart physically? That is a mountain many aren’t willing to climb. So, we’re really happy these Aqil and Sofea are able to do it!


We hope these two last as long as they are able to in their relationship, and that they’ll be able to see each other again soon!

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