Male Nurse Allegedly Molested Male Patient at Mount Elizabeth Novena Private Clinic

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When we leave a clinic or hospital disgruntled, it’s usually due to inept doctors or ineffective treatment.

One male patient at a private clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena, however, had been the victim of something much more serious.

Male Nurse Allegedly Molested Male Patient at Mount Elizabeth Novena Private Clinic

The man, who had gone to the clinic for an endoscopy and was sedated, was shocked when he woke up to a man molesting him.

When he alerted staff members, the doctor allegedly told him to keep it “on the low”.

The man later identified the accused as clinic nurse manager Ivan Lee Yi Wang, 31.

Something felt off about Lee even before the procedure began.

Testifying in court on Monday (22 Feb), the patient recounted how he was referred to the clinic by a GP for stomach pain.

The 26-year-old first met Lee at the clinic when registering at the clinic. He later received a WhatsApp from Lee’s personal number about a follow-up appointment, which he found “strange” as clinic staff typically don’t contact patients directly.

So, he contacted the clinic to arrange for the follow-up.

On the day of his endoscopy, Lee briefed the patient on his procedure, which involves the insertion of a tube into the digestive tract.

He changed into only a hospital gown and was sedated for the procedure.

The patient said he was woken up by something stroking his private parts several times. He felt a “grip”, like a hand, around his penis.

He then saw a flashlight coming from a phone. The stroking continued, and only stopped when the man stirred to lie on his back.

“I did not see the face but I saw he was dressed in white and black trousers. Judging from the silhouette and the body shape, I could tell it was a male,” the man said.

“I think I was in shock and I just wanted it to stop and continue to rest.”

Since he was in shock, the man didn’t immediately call for a nurse. He suspected it was a nurse in a white top and black pants whom he had seen before his procedure.


Later, the accused returned to the room and lifted the patient’s gown to his chest area.

The man felt a sudden gush of cold air, and the stroking continued. He also saw the flashlight once again.

“What are you doing?” the man asked the accused.

The accused stopped the stroking and moved his hand to the patient’s stomach. He asked: “(Patient’s name), is your stomach OK?”

The patient was certain the person’s voice was that of a man. Moreover, Lee had previously referred to the patient by his name in his WhatsApp message.

Allegation Not Taken Seriously

Once the person left, the patient pressed the call button for help.

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Three nurses came and the patient told them what happened.

Based on his WhatsApp messages and Lee’s attire, the patient said he was certain it was Lee.

Then the doctor entered the room and purportedly said something he probably shouldn’t have.


“(The doctor) told me it’s up to me if I want to make a police report, but he said this sort of issue should keep it on the low,” the patient said. “It felt like he was just trying to protect himself and his clinic.”

Another nurse, who was then assigned to the patient, also questioned some of his claims after showing the patient Lee’s phone gallery.

“She said there’s nothing here. She said – are you sure it’s his phone, we are quite busy today and we have no time to use phone or take pictures. She said – ‘are you sure it was a flashlight, maybe the flashlight was from the BP (blood pressure) machine’,” said the patient.

“I felt accused and I asked her if she’s trying to accuse me of saying something that didn’t happen, and I also noted down that it couldn’t be from the BP machine because the machine was at the same level as my head.”

It was only when the patient informed two security guards that the police arrived on the scene.


Facing Two Years in Jail

Lee is contesting two charges of using criminal force on the patient to outrage his modesty.

He is represented by a team of lawyers spearheaded by Mr Peter Low.

If convicted, the 31-year-old could be imprisoned for up to two years,  fined, caned, or given any combination of these penalties per charge.

Featured Image: Google Maps

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