Man Accidentally Blew Up His Garden While Trying To Destroy Cockroach Nest

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It’s spooky season once again and what better way to commemorate the occasion than to celebrate with our favourite creepy-crawly, the cockroach.

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Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that cockroaches have become increasingly resistant to almost all forms of insecticides? Well, now you know the fact that you’ve never wanted to know.

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Is it slowly occurring to you that even science has lost all hopes of ever ridding mankind of its ultimate kryptonite? Maybe it’s time to adopt some serious measures…like that guy who blew up his entire garden.

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A Nest of Cockroaches in Their Backyard

In a story covered by the New York Post, 48-year-old Cesar Schmitz was determined to solve a cockroach infestation problem in his yard. This was after his wife complained of the roaches that were invading their garden.

He said, “She was scared of them and begged me to destroy their nest underground once and for all.”

Ladies, take note. Get yourself a Cesar Schmitz.

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I Wish I’d Thought this Through 

He had initially opted for bug spray. Doing so did little at doing the deed of eradicating the problem but it did send the little buggers out of their nest.

This did not please Cesar; he wanted an immediate solution. I mean we all want an immediate solution to our problems, don’t we?

Just then, a brilliant plan struck him. He dug a hole, threw in a lighted matchstick, and proceeded to pour a generous cup of gasoline. In his defence, it was just one cup. Nothing happened and he proceeded to throw in more matches.

Then his whole yard blew up.

To which he responded, “I wish I’d thought this through before. I had no idea that this could happen. Luckily the damage was only contained on the lawn. If I had been standing closer or the table had hit me it could have been fatal.”

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To which his dogs responded:

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Well, that’s one problem out of the bag for Cesar. We wish him luck at trying to appease an angry wife for accidentally creating a giant crater in her garden… Maybe stick to flip flops in the future.

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