Man Alighted from Moving Taxi on Expressway; ComfortDelGro Has Responded

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What would you do if the taxi you’re in is weaving in and out of traffic on the expressway like a madman, crashing onto a centre divider and continuing to speed on the expressway?

You try to get off the taxi, of course. Even if it’s moving.

And that’s what a man did in this viral video, and I’m guessing he must be thanking God that there’s no auto-lock.

Weird Video That Went Viral

Yesterday morning, uploaded yet another viral video that has got Singaporeans talking.

The 2 minute 19 seconds wouldn’t have made much sense (at least based on the first time I saw it), so I’ve taken the initiative to turn important parts into gifs and explaining what’s going on.

So, a taxi sideswiped the centre divider on an expressway even when there’s no other car around it.

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It then came to a slow stop in the middle of the expressway, but is still crawling when its passenger alighted from the taxi, with the passenger trying to find his balance while alighting from the moving vehicle.

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Presuming seeing what has happened, a silver car decided to stop in front of the taxi, seemingly to prevent it from “escaping”.

But the taxi just changed lane to overtake the silver car and in the process hitting it as well.

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The red car behind the taxi seemed to then offered a ride to the passenger because…I don’t think the stranded poor guy can hail a taxi on an expressway.

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By then, the taxi has driven off and disappeared.

It seemed like only the passenger and the red car driver would know what happened: why’s the taxi driver acting in such a weird manner?

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Crashing into a wall, letting the passenger alight in an expressway, and driving off after hitting another car?

Is he drunk?

You can view the full video here, but honestly speaking, the gifs would have sufficed:

ComfortDelGro Has Responded

Well, it seems like no one’s drunk.

The incident happened on Friday (8 March 2019) at around 1:10 p.m. on ECP.

And the shocking part of this whole ordeal? The taxi driver didn’t even know that his passenger has alighted.

According to ComfortDelGro, the driver had “blacked out momentarily”. When he regained his consciousness, he then realised that his passenger had alighted.

As for why he still continued to drive? “He wanted to get off the expressway to seek medical help and continued driving slowly until he was out of the expressway and at the Rochor Road exit gantry,” the spokesperson for ComfortDelGro said.

The driver then called for assistance and is currently warded at a hospital for observation.

Passenger to Receive a Hamper and Vouchers

As a “gesture of goodwill”, ComfortDelGro will be sending a hamper and vouchers to him. They also apologised to all affected motorists, and thanked the red car driver for picking up the stranded passenger.

Also, a police report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.

The lesson here? Always make sure you’re in a right condition to drive, because you’re not just risking your life when you drive in a compromised state: your passengers, and their family members, would suffer, too.

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