Man Alleged SIA Girl ‘Showed Attitude’ in Business Class But Netizens Think Otherwise

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As a guy with an aspiring air stewardess for a girlfriend, I’ve gone through quite a lot of airline stories. Whether it’s the toxic environment aboard planes, the constant lip service stewards and stewardesses have to give or even stories ‘behind closed doors’, I thought I’ve seen it all.

Guess I was wrong.

I’ve heard of air stewardesses acting all rude and stuff, but more often than not that’s attributable to one thing:

The patron’s own behaviour.

And yet, I can’t help but question my own impression of The Singapore Airlines, as I read through Mr Matthew’s account of his own airline experience.

A Hellish Experience

According to the author, his experience dates all the way back to 2013 (which admittedly raises a few questions, but he later clarifies that we’ll understand upon reading it). His Flight Attendant (FA) at the time was a lady with the name of Vivian, and she had served him for the entirety of the 16.5-hour trip he was on, from Singapore to Los Angeles.

But that wouldn’t have normally made news, had Mr Matthew not alleged one thing:

The FA was beyond rude. She was downright hostile.

Every time she asked him whether he wanted something, her tone would be sharp. For example, a typical conversation went like this:


When Mr Matthew agreed, she allegedly rolled her eyes. Thereafter she made it and purportedly slammed it on his fold-out drink tray. And forget about names; she was allegedly unwilling to even grunt more than a few syllables at a time.

While this might have still been negotiable, the alleged fact remains that she did it every single time. Ask first, roll eyes, rough treatment and ultimately distasteful service. Or at least that’s what he alleged.


Indeed, by the time he was halfway through the service, he had half a mind to speak to the chief stewardess. But he didn’t, in the hopes that Vivian would be in a better mood 10 hours later.

She wasn’t.

Coupled with the now-defunct Singapore A340 Business class seats, it proved to be a forgettable experience for Mr Matthew. Alleging that it was one of the least-comfortable business class seats, he spent much of the flight sleeping, but most of it was pure tossing and turning: the seat was so firm there was no restful sleep.

Add the non-functional Wi-Fi to the list and it’s pretty much game over.


In the end, Mr Matthew expressed his disappointment with the airline and subsequently wrote to the company about his experience.

He never heard back.

Incidentally, his uncle, who was on the other aisle, happened to be served by a charming and courteous FA. Doesn’t really help matters, I’m sure.

In conclusion, he ends off with the tagline:

Even the world’s most beloved airline has a bad day.


It has to be taken into account that in Mr Matthew’s personal account, photos of food and lodging were included. And it wasn’t just any routine photo that looks like it might’ve been snapped by Grandma Thompkins either.


It actually looks pretty legitimate.

Indeed, as I scrolled through the article, I can’t help but wonder why Mr Matthew would wish to make the airline accommodations and food look that good, when he was clearly writing with a vengeance.

But then again, it might’ve just been his professionalism in play. No biggie really, considering his resume.


Talk about an over-achiever.

Or is it just cos I’m under-achieving?


Netizens react

Following the revelation, Netizens had their say.

And somehow, they found themselves doubting Mr Matthew’s allegations.

One suspected foul play.


While another felt like an additional source is needed for judgement day.


One, like me, smelt a rat.


And another said what everyone’s probably thinking.


Which kind of makes you question:

Is Mr Matthew’s account really all that is to the story?

What do you think?


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