Man Allegedly Beaten For Leaking Avengers: Endgame Outside Cinema Entrance


Ever since 24 April 2019, BuffLord95 hasn’t been on Facebook and Instagram. We thought he hasn’t been paying his bills until he told us this yesterday: “It’s a dangerous place.”

“Yeah, I know,” I muttered, scrolling through my Facebook news feed and seeing numerous cats photos. “With all the privacy scandals, social media is no longer the same.”

“No, not that,” he said. “Facebook can take my data and leak it to anyone they feel like, but it’s another leak that I’m worried about.”

“What? Going to social media would make you feel like peeing?”

“No. It’s this leak.”

“What’s that?”

“Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame, you dumbass.”

“Isn’t that just a—”

Thanos Has Requested Your Silence

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know about Avengers: Endgame. The highly anticipated movie has already broken more records than you can imagine: so far, it has the highest single day earning and the biggest opening day of all time.

To add more ashes to the ashes, the film’s likely to hit USD$320 million just in the US alone, surpassing the previous record of USD$257.7 million…also held by the men and women in weird costumes fighting a purple giant.


With that, even the directors have come in with an “advisory”, claiming that Barney Thanos has requested our silence so that we won’t spoil the story for people who’ve yet to watch it.

But alas, the Internet being the Internet, you’d have to follow BuffLord95 advice because to some netizens, torturing others and becoming a killjoy is their middle name.

No wonder Thanos want to reduce the population.

But so far, I’ve been on social media and haven’t seen any spoilers—maybe I’ve too few friends, or maybe Facebook algorithm has demoted those posts with spoilers, because we all know how ambiguous and unfair their algorithm can be.

But what if…your efforts aren’t enough?

What if…some joker decided to shout spoilers like “Batman is going to die! Superman and Captain Marvel are getting married!” just outside the cinema, just as you’re about to enter the hall?

I bet you’ll be furious.

And if you think that’s not going to happen, think again.

Man in Hong Kong Allegedly Beaten for Revealing Spoilers

Lest you’re not aware, we Singaporeans have it better than the US.


The movie is out in the US on 26 April 2019, but several Asia countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and South Korea have screened it since 24 April 2019.

And according to TVBS News, a man in Hong Kong thought that it’d be cool to be the most hated person in the cinema.

After exiting from the three-hour movie, he, for some inexplicable reason, started to shout something at the entrance of the hall.

And he wasn’t shouting stuff like “It’s a damn good movie!” or “I want to marry Captain Marvel!”

Instead, he revealed spoilers.

Image: We Heart It

It’s unknown what he said, but cinema-goers, who were waiting to enter the hall, hulkified immediately.


In a photo and text sent by someone, some moviegoers reportedly beat up the man.

Image: LIHKG

While it’s not clear whether this is true, some social media users who saw the image claimed that they had indeed heard someone shouting spoilers at the entrance.

Of course this seems like a perfect viral marketing cinema for the movie, but let’s face it: this video needs publicity meh?

Whether it’s true or not, here’s a lesson: people do take this movie seriously, so don’t anyhowly spoil the movie.

And also, staying off social media isn’t going to help, so you might as well just crave in to your social media desire.