51YO PHV Driver Allegedly Drink-Drives & Swerves On Road; Even Ran a Few Red Lights

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So previously we talked about Roz Pho who drank and then drove her car, thinking that she was sober enough to pass the breathalyser test. And we all know how that went down.

Then we heard news about a 22-year-old man who drank and drove his lorry into the wall of Little Green House pre-school located at Serangoon North.

Sigh, haven’t we have had enough of such incidents? How many more times do we need to emphasise that if you drink, don’t drive, and if you drive, don’t drink?

Now, get ready for another piece of article about drink-driving.

Driver Allegedly Drinks-Drive

Image: Screengrab From Video From Facebook (ROADS.sg)

According to ROADS.sg, on 8 October, a driver was travelling on the Central Expressway (CTE) when he spotted a Honda Shuttle Hybrid without his headlights on. He noticed that many drivers have tried to signal to the 51-year-old Honda driver to turn on his headlights, but that didn’t seem to work because he continued driving whilst swerving in and out of his lane.

This caused many drivers to sound their horn because of the number of times he nearly collided into them.

As a result, the driver started to follow the Honda driver to make sure that he didn’t get into any hit-and-run accidents and even tried turning on his hazard lights as a way to warn other drivers of the Honda driver.

While following the Honda driver, he also noticed that he ran a few red lights after exiting the highway and punctured his tyres when he mounted a kerb at Yio Chu Kang Road. He was also seen using his phone while driving.

The driver called the police in an attempt to report the incident, but was only told to stop following the vehicle and that they would contact him again should they need any help in finding the vehicle.

Of course, the police officers probably just wanted to ensure that the driver doesn’t get hurt in the midst of trying to follow the Honda driver.

However, the driver was determined to follow the Honda driver because he noticed that the Honda driver was driving a private-hire vehicle (PHV), which meant that the car was rented and this would be more difficult for police officers if they wanted to track him down.

By the way, that assumption is wrong; people who rent a car has to register with the car rental company, too.

When the Honda driver finally reached a carpark that is assumed to be near his house, the man who filmed him got out and confronted him. The Honda driver had his windows down, and that was when the driver who filmed him realised that he reeked of alcohol.

In the video, he can be seen denying that he was drunk while trying to park his car in what appears to be a motorcycle lot.


He ends up hitting the wall while reversing and in a part not captured in the video, the man who filmed him claimed that the Honda driver kept shouting at him with vulgarities. A man who was washing his car nearby came over to help.

According To Man, Police Said Nothing Can Be Done

Together, they called the police and reported the incident, but the Honda driver simply locked his car and left for home.

The man who filmed this said in his post that the police officers arrived and could smell the alcohol in his car because the Honda driver didn’t bother winding up his windows before heading home, but said that there was nothing they could do because he wasn’t apprehended on the spot behind the wheel.

Despite showing the police the video he took as evidence, they insisted that it wasn’t enough.

However, according to Mothership, the police have already arrested the man.

Sadly, despite laws stating that it is illegal to drink-drive, many people still do it thinking that they are sober enough to drive home. This over-confidence is what gets people hurt because they’re not just putting themselves in danger, but others too.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

The Honda driver can be seen getting into many near collisions from the video. This time, he was lucky to not have hurt anyone besides the rear of his own car, but we can’t say the same for the next time.

So drivers, please do be careful and drive responsibly.

Once again, if you drink, don’t drive. And if you drive, don’t drink.

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