Man Allegedly Evades Taxi Fare, Then Proceed to Taunt the Cabby and Challenge Him to Call Police

This is almost like a scene from a movie: on 1 January 2017, a man took a ride on a ComfortDelgro taxi but refused to pay for the ride. Not only that, he got out of the taxi and danced like a clown, mocking the taxi driver. He also hurled vulgarities to the taxi driver and pointed his middle finger at him.

According to the taxi driver, he received a booking from ComfortDelgro so he went to pick the man up and one of his friends. Upon asking the man for his destination, the man and his friend gave two different locations. Though confused, the taxi driver carried on driving.

As they drove past a guardhouse, the man told the taxi driver to stop and alighted with his friend.

Curious, the taxi driver drove back to the pickup location to see what then man and his friend were doing. Upon arrival, the man and his friends started to mock the taxi driver. The man challenged the taxi driver to report to the police, which the driver did and the case is now being handled by the police.

The taxi driver took a video of the man and his friends at the location. In the video, it can be seen that the man was hurling vulgarities at the taxi driver, saying “Why the f*** is he taking a video for? Yeah, keep video-making, f***ing waste your battery.” He was also seen pointing his middle finger at the taxi driver.

Not long after, a black van pulled over, which the man and his group of friends boarded. Before leaving, the man also said “Be right back, yeah? You stay there, keep taking the video, yeah.” 

The video of the entire process was posted on Facebook so that more Singaporeans are aware of the incident, and also for other taxi drivers to be careful of such rude and unruly passengers.

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