Man Allegedly Put Instant Noodles On Cat, Then Report Police When He Gets Hate Online

Cat lovers, you might want to steer clear of this one. Same goes for ramen lovers too.

So lest you’ve been staving off Instagram because of certain reasons, you might have chanced upon this video on the social media platform:

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Yp bullying cat, they fucking put noodles on the cat.

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But if you haven’t, well here’s the rough gist of it:

A community cat can be seen sprawling in the video, with a little something nestled all over it:

Instant noodles.

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And well, you can guess the reactions. Cat lovers threatened to wage World War III. Ramen lovers threatened to burn Singapore down. You know, the works.

But before I get there, here’s a little backstory of how it all happened.

Man Allegedly Put Instant Noodles On Cat

According to a separate Facebook post by one Somash Jeyaram, he wrote that the man in the video had allegedly “dumped” the instant noodles over the community cat.

Lest you can’t see for some god-forsaken reason, here’s the transcript of the caption in full:

“Yo dude what the fuck, you thinks it’s funny dumping noodles over a stray cat?

“Being drunk is no fucking excuse la lol. Ok, I admit I’ve done ridiculous things while being drunk but not to this extent? How’d you like it if I dump all my chicken curry over you when im drunk & make you a blanket.

“People like this make me sick lol 0 respect 🖕🏻& come on la don’t alibaba say you drunk when you not drunk lolsie. @ me, if you fuckin need to

“& no I will not remove this post. Helping you promote your maggie mee blanket.”

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Apparently, the man in the video had made a “blanket” for the cat.

Image: Somash Jeyaram Facebook

And when things went south, the man alleged that he had been drunk at the time. Here’s an attached screenshot of their conversation:

Image: Somash Jeyaram Facebook

Guy goes to the police

In the comments section of the same post, Somash shared a screenshot from the man’s Instagram stories.

Apparently, the man in the video had approached the police to report the matter.

Image: Somash Jeyaram Facebook

Stating that the matter “went out of hand”, he said that the police report was made for “defamation of character” and “harassment towards him”.

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He also asked the public to “question the police officer” if they “have more qns”.

The CCTV has allegedly also been reviewed, according to the man’s Instagram story, and the police have accessed the act to be one of “playfulness”.


And while we’ve yet to clarify whether the claims are true, Netizens have not ceased their remarks in the light of it all:

Image: Somash Jeyaram Facebook

Should there be any update, we’ll be sure to incorporate it here.

And so… now what?

Well for starters, don’t give the damn cat a damn Maggi mee blanket. And for seconds…

Don’t waste the ramen! Cook it and eat it! After all, as a Wise Old Man always preaches:

“You know over in Africa people starving right? How can you…”


Yeah, you know. The works.

So avoid doing all of that…

And you should be just fine.

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