Man Allegedly Hit Boy Who’s Cycling Legally on PCN & Said, ‘Don’t Argue With Me’

Many of us believe that when we leave school and enter the adult world, we’ll never have to see bullies again.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some fully fledged bullies roam the streets looking for victims, like a lion stalking its prey.

And some of these bullies will only pick on people half their size.

Man Allegedly Hit Boy Who’s Cycling Legally on PCN & Said, ‘Don’t Argue With Me’

An outraged father has taken to Facebook to complain about a man who physically assaulted his 12-year-old son after a disagreement.

The man detailed the incident in a post on Friday (20 Nov).

According to the father, his son went out cycling last week along a pavement designated for both pedestrians and cyclists.

While he was cycling, a man approached him and told him he was not supposed to cycle there.

So, the boy returned home and told his father about the incident.

As the father rightly told his son, cyclists are allowed to ride along both shared paths and pavements. He asked his son to continue riding along the same path and reason with the man if he ever encounters him again.

On Friday, the boy went out to cycle along the same path, and unfortunately, came across the same man again.

Once again, the man told the boy that he was not supposed to ride along the pavement.

This time, the boy recorded their encounter on video.

At the start of the video, the man seems annoyed that the boy was recording him on his phone.

He then orders the boy to get off the pavement, but the boy refuses.

“Who said I can’t ride here?” the boy asks.

“I say. Government say,” the man replies.

When the boy points out that this is wrong, the man says “Eh, you don’t argue with me ah.”

The boy tries to explain to the man that LTA permits cyclists to ride on pavements, but before the 12-year-old can complete his sentence, the man smacks the boy, causing him to fall to the floor.

The video ends there, but according to the boy’s father, the assault continued.

The man allegedly punched the boy’s face and chest, and even kicked him.

The 12-year-old immediately called his father, who raced down to the scene.

Challenged Father to Fight

Upon arriving, the father stopped the man from leaving and called the police. When asked why he assaulted the young boy, the man challenged the father to a fight instead of providing an explanation.

But when an onlooker who witnessed the assault told the man that he was wrong to assault the boy, the man’s tone softened, and he apologised to the boy.

The father, however, is determined to have the man punished by the authorities for his actions.

The witness has also given a statement to police.

Boy Sent to Hospital For Examination

According to the post, the 12-year-old boy was sent to the hospital for examination.

As evident from pictures which accompanied the post, the boy suffered swelling around his left cheek as well as a bruise on his chin.

Bicycles Allowed On Footpaths, Shared Paths, and PCNs

In his post, the father told his son that bicycles are allowed on the pavement, or footpaths.

He’s right. 

According to LTA, cyclists are allowed on cycling paths, park connectors, footpaths, and even roads.

Image: LTA

The bully who assaulted the boy shouldn’t have done so even if he were right, but the fact that he was completely mistaken about these regulations makes the incident all the more infuriating.

The father cropped the man’s face out of the video which he shared, meaning officers might have a tough time establishing his identity.

Hopefully, the bully gets punished for his actions.

Featured Image: Facebook (Stanley Tan)