Man Attempted Prison Break By Dressing Up As His Daughter, Failed Terribly

I‘m sure you’ve heard of cross-dressing men before.

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Essentially males garbed in female attire, these men cross-dress for a variety of reasons:

  • Their sexual orientation
  • Unspeakable fetishes
  • Gender identification
  • Cosplay as Red Riding Hood
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“Yeah I’ve heard all those before,” you claim proudly. “I search them on the net!”

Well, way to go. But here’s the thing; you’ve heard all those, but what about this one:

Cross-dressing in order to break out of prison.

“Nani the f***?” you exclaim. “How can that be possible?”

Oh, you’ll be surprised. But yes, it did happen. And it damn well nearly worked out too.

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

Man Attempted Prison Break By Dressing Up As His Daughter, Failed Terribly

It started with a wig, silicone mask and women’s clothes.

It ended with a wig, silicone mask, women’s clothes and a muscular dude.

According to Daily Maila Brazilian gang leader tried to escape from prison by disguising himself as his daughter, donning a wig, silicone mask, and women’s clothes in a bid for freedom.

In order to make things work, he planned the escape on the day of his daughter’s visit and left her behind in his stead.

The 42-year-old, however, was later pinpointed by the guards, due to his nervousness and manly mannerisms.

Claudino da Silva, also known as Balxinho (meaning ‘Shorty’), was taken into a side room and made to undress.

Despite his appearance, he failed to move like a woman.

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“Clauvino was wearing a pink cartoon image of donuts on a t-shirt with a black bra underneath, had long black hair, white sandals, and glasses – but even though he had the face of a girl, he didn’t move like a woman,” said a spokesperson for Rio’s State Secretary of Prison Administration (Seap).

Image: Daily Mail

Also, an attempt at concealment by his ‘bodyguards’ failed terribly as well.

“Officers were suspicious of his appearance, particularly as he was in the middle of seven other women visitors who were leaving the prison. They also appeared to be deliberately surrounding him, seeming as if they were shielding him from being seen clearly by us.”

Video recording

Apparently, a prison officer of the Gericino prison had taken a video of the scene, which displayed the officers taking off the convict’s wig. While the young-looking face was undeniably convincing, the part where the mouth and the facial muscles failed to move, even at the officer’s commands, wasn’t quite as conniving.

Additionally, the pink donut t-shirt was concealing a tattoed arm with a dark and muscular torso. Hardly the most convincing aspect here.

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Yet, even the guards were surprised when the silicone mask came off, as before them…

Stood one of the most dangerous drug bosses of Rio de Janeiro’s largest criminal faction, the Red Command.

Image: Daily Mail

You can watch the exposing video here.

The truth

As it turns out, Clauvino had taken advantage of the visiting hours and swapped clothes with his daughter, Ana Gabriele, who was left behind in the jail cell.

Meanwhile, the other seven females, with one of them pregnant, was believed to be aiding the escape.

They were escorted to the police station for questioning, together with Clauvino’s daughter.

And as the inspection of pregnant women is against the rules, the pregnant lady was suspected to have brought in the disguise to the prison in the first place.

Image: Daily Mail

A detailed plan alright. You have to give them that. But still, thank goodness it didn’t work out in the end.

Kudos to the officers for their vigilance and alertness! 

Incidentally, this wasn’t the first time that Clauvino attempted a prison escape. Back in February 2013, he was one of the 31 prisoners who broke out of jail through sewage networks. However, he was apprehended shortly after.

According to reports, he’s currently serving a life sentence of 73 years and 10 months.

Small wonder why he’s attempting something out of Mission: Impossible.

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