A Man Has Been Using a Pair of Binoculars to Look at FDWs & Migrant Workers Hanging Out Near Chinese Garden

While grass patches in Singapore might seem like an ideal place to relax and hang out with your friends (provided that there’s good weather), it seems like it wouldn’t hurt for us to be more mindful of our surroundings.

Especially after reading this article.

Based on reports by Shin Min Daily News, there has been an elderly man who has been caught sitting at a corner of the overhead bridge near Block 114 Jurong East Street 13.

While that alone might not seem like any cause for concern, he always has a pair of binoculars with him that he uses to get a close-up view of the grass field in front of Chinese Garden MRT station.

Apparently, he sits there every Sunday when most foreign domestic helpers and migrant workers gather around the area for activities such as picnics and soccer since they usually have off-days then.

Behaviour Has Been Going on For Months; Puts Binoculars Down When People Walk Past

According to a lady surnamed Huang, the man’s behaviour started at the start of this year and has continued ever since.

She added that he puts his binoculars down whenever he sees someone walk past him on the overhead bridge.

Huang also said that she sees him carrying out the same activity every week when she visits her mother’s house.

Even though she initially did not take note of the man’s behaviour, his strange presence began to stick out more and more over the months.

As time went on, it became apparent to Huang that the man was purposely spying on the workers.

She expressed her disapproval of his behaviour and pointed out that foreign domestic helpers and migrant workers should be given their own privacy as well.

Huang’s suspicions were further confirmed when she noticed that the man does not turn up on days when it rains, proving that he does indeed use the binoculars to spy on the domestic helpers and migrant workers.

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Additionally, Shin Min also mentioned that many of the helpers and workers that they approached said that they knew of the man’s presence and actions.

Although Shin Min wrote that the man probably carries out his weekly sighting sessions to watch the helpers and workers behave intimately, he refused to admit that he was spying on anyone.

He told the Chinese daily that he is not spying on anyone, and that it is not considered an invasion of privacy since the grass patch is a public area.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News