Man Camped In Car For a Month Without Showering To Stalk His Ex-Girlfriend

If there’s one thing we can learn from this incident, it’s to take your showers. And without showers Goody Feed probably wouldn’t exist, nor will memes.

And this one is true: it’s because showers stimulate creativity, which is why a lot of our best ideas come from the shower.


Don’t believe me? It’s explained by science, has a dedicated subreddit with 17.9 million subscribers, and a manga was basically created because of showers.

But I digress. Another thing this incident teaches us is that if you don’t bath for a month the stench might have effects of a date rape drug.

Married man divorces wife to stalk ex-girlfriend

If you understand Mandarin, you can view an interview at ifeng and the written article at GuanCha.

Two years ago, Liu Mou, a man from ShaanXi, hid his marriage and got into a relationship with Tang Mou through an online game. After one and a half years, Tang discovered that Liu marriage and decided to break up.

Tang found another relationship after.

But Liu couldn’t accept the breakup and immediately divorced his wife.

Then, he harassed Tang repeatedly by calling and knocking on her doors. The constant harassment also led Tang’s mother’s health to worsen.

There was even one time he tried to forcefully bring Tang into his car, which led to a car accident.

Holy shit! Maybe if someone is unwillingly enough to cause a car accident, that would be enough of a message.

Nope, for most people, a slap is enough. But for Liu, he went a step further.

The man chased woman all the way to her new home

With a stalker causing this much disruption to her daily life, Tang found her only escape to be moving from her hometown Hunan to Jiangsu.

If you don’t understand how frigging far that is, that’s about 36 times the length of Tampines to Jurong East.

Image: Google Maps

On 24 May 2019, Liu sneaked into the rental unit and strangled her while holding on to her nose with his other gloved hand.

Tang almost fainted from this and thought there were some drugs at work.

Thankfully, she managed to escape and find help from the local police.

He turned himself in later, revealing 1-month car camping

Turns out, that drug-like effect was caused by the accumulation of body odour and sweat from Liu camping in his car for 1 whole month without bathing or showering.

Image: Giphy

To makes a little more gross for your imagination: it is unknown whether this camping included toilet breaks, and where he actually did his business.

A fun fact on why this popped into my mind: private investigators are known to pee in their bottle.

On the second day of the police investigation, Liu turned himself in. Apparently, he used Tang’s names and identification information to track train tickets, which required hundreds of attempts to finally find her current location.

He was so good at this stalking thing, he actually even arrived earlier than Tang.


So Liu checked back to previous chat logs to find clues and inquired multiple parties before finally finding her actual living location.

It is from then, he started the camping session in front of her residences, calling rental services and food in Tang’s phone numbers to try to force her out. All this failed.

Without more tricks up his sleeves, he sneaked into Tang’s new home for the strangling.

Liu is currently detained. In his words, he only did “a lot of bad things” because he loved Tang too much.

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