Man Caught on Camera Riding in S’pore Expressway Without Helmet


One fine afternoon, a man decided to take off his helmet and feel the wind against his skin as he drove on the highway.

Little to his knowledge, he was actually being filmed.


Once again, the good citizens of Singapore are working together to make sure that our roads are safer.

What Happened

On May 26, a video of a man riding his motorbike without his helmet was uploaded on YouTube channel, Singapore incidents. Lest you’re not aware, this Youtube channel is dedicated to shaming citizens who do not conform to the rules and regulations of our country and has nearly 15,000 subscribers.

The video has garnered over 2,278 views in the 21 hours since it was posted.

The video 

Source: Youtube

In the video, it can be seen that the man, wearing a bright pink shirt was driving without a worry on the highway.

Following that, the man decided to head on to the shoulder of the road. Could it be that he saw that he was being filmed? Or could there have been a legitimate reason for him to be driving without a helmet?



As of now, there has not been any action taken against this man who remains unidentified.

Netizens have left a range of comments on the video.

Benefit of doubt 

Source: Youtube

Some have given the man support by saying that there is a possibility that his helmet got stolen.


Source: Youtube

Others have seen the humour in what the man did and commented about how much he seemed to be enjoying himself.

You Can View The Video Below:

Wear an Approved Helmet 


In this day and age where there are many fancy and pretty helmets going around, it is important that your helmet is not just for show but also functional. The Singapore Standard is published in SS9:2014 and an approved helmet should have a TUV SUD PSB Test” label.

This will protect your head and brain, if you have any. Many motorists have attested to how the helmet has saved their lives.

The offence of “Rider failing to wear a helmet or wearing a helmet insecurely” carries three demerit points and a $150 fine.

It is also vital to wear appropriate riding attire: Other than an approved helmet, you should also have gloves, jacket, and closed footwear (technically lah, since learners would die-die have to wear these).

Let’s make the roads safer for all Singaporeans!