Man Caught on Video Throwing White Powder in Fish Shop That Killed Fishes

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Finally, something weird that didn’t happen in Yishun.

Whether it was a case of revenge or jealousy, this crime was definitely bizarre.

For Glassbox Aquarium in Boon Keng, they were robbed of a day’s worth of earnings because of it.


On Tuesday, 11 June, the incident happened at 9 pm. An unidentified man, who was dressed in a white and brown checked short-sleeve shirt and blue pants was caught on the shop’s closed-circuit TV (CCTV) footage.

He pretended to browse through the different fish tanks and loitered for a while. After which, he threw a white, powdery substance into a tank containing Discus fishes.

The powder immediately turned into a giant white cloud in the water, and the inhabitants of the tank (WC Discus, A.welhemi, bleeding hearts, cardinals and pencils) were killed within the next 5 minutes.

All this was caught on the CCTV.

You can watch it for yourself in the video.


Did Not Notice

Their staff was busy attending to other customers in the shop and didn’t pay attention to the fish tanks. There was also no interaction with the man.

Mr Ng Him Yick, the owner of Glassbox Aquarium, said, “I was busy attending to a customer so I didn’t notice it at first. One of the customers alerted me and said there was something wrong with the water in one of the tanks.”

The substance which was added emitted a strong smell, almost toxic like. The man left within seconds of committing the crime.

Industrial Substance

According to Glassbox Aquarium, they said that the substance was not like anything that could be found in households, and it was like an industrial type of substance.

The toxicity level was so high, they did not have enough time to drain the tank to save the fishes. When they did, however, only two fishes were alive.

Mr Ng cleaned up the tank and filed a police report the next day. About $400-$500 worth of fish were killed. They were of high value.

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Not The First Time

According to their Facebook post, this man had also bought worms from them on two occasions. They do not have any disputes with the man.

In fact, the man also loitered in their shop on a few occasions too.

They also believe that this man is also related to a few theft cases that happened in their shop previously. This included a case of missing live betta fishes. They previously did not have sufficient proof to pursue the case and maintained interactions with him on a minimum.

They also keep an eye on him while he is around, and always keeps coming back to the shop.

Need More Information

They only have some details about the man but need more.

They know that the man is a betta fish keeper, and travels on his bicycle. He always visits the shop with plastic bags in hand, despite his bicycle having a basket on it.

Mr Ng also said that he looked to be in his 50s, and first visited the shop two months ago. He would visit the shop once a week from then.

Keep a Lookout

If you happen to live around Boon Keng, you may want to help keep a lookout for this strange man and help this shop close this case and seek some form of justice.

Mr Ng also said, “We’re just a small business and it’s very sad that someone would want to attack us like that. We’re just afraid he will come back and do something like this again because what he did really had an impact on our business.”

In this case of bizarre sabotage, I hope the shop does find this man.


Killing fishes? Not cool.

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