Man Charged For Using Ex-GF FB & IG To Break Up Another Couple

When playing multiplayer online games, it is always a good idea to use a female avatar and pretend to be a girl.

Not only do I get to fulfil my dreams of being a kawaii anime girl, but I also get way more random free gifts and helpful people wanting to complete my quest and form new bonds of friendship.

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(This may be outdated advice since girl gamers are pretty much the norm now.)

It’s also pretty entertaining to manipulate people online into fighting over me while I watch the chaos. I’m basically playing another game while still in the game.

Though, doing this in real life is quite an asshole move. Especially when you are impersonating another person who actually exists. And especially if you pretend to be your ex asking other people for sex.

22-year-old NSF pretends to be a girl… who is his Ex-GF

That is exactly what a 22-year-old-ish man did, unnamed to protect the identity of the ex-girlfriend.

Some sources say he is 23 years old, so either this is some next level protect identity play, or the guy’s birthday is around May.

Here’s what happened.

Around 2013, NSF and Ex-GF broke up. What Ex-GF didn’t know, or perhaps she trusted NSF not to be an asshole, is that her Facebook and Instagram passwords were saved on NSF’s computer.


From then to 2017, NSF accessed her account 129 times to find out what she was doing and who she was conversing to.

The argument by NSF’s defence lawyer is that he is “relatively young and unmeasured in his actions”.

That and he “lacked the emotional maturity and the relationship experience to handle a bitter break-up”, as it was his first relationship.

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Which would otherwise be rather convincing if not for the fact that he was interested in another girl nicknamed “Nicol”.

“Nicol” is already in a relationship with “Jedrek”, but NSF wanted to test their relationship and started impersonating a girl. Except instead of creating a fake persona, NSF decided that using Ex-GF’s account is better.

NSF pretended to be his Ex and asked for Sex

NSF added “Jedrek” as a Facebook friend using Ex-GF’s account, and then chatted over an unknown period of time, before finally asking for sex.

All the while pretending to be Ex-GF. After that, NSF stopped conversing with “Jedrek”.

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This turned out not to be a very smart move when Ex-GF happened to still use her accounts and discovered that her accounts had sent messages she had not written herself.

Police Report Lodged

So she reported NSF to the police on 5 Nov 2017.

The case is settled this year, with NSF given a 21-month supervised probation, requiring to stay indoors from 10 pm to 6 am and perform 180 hours of community service. His parents must also post a S$5,000 bond.

All that is considered rather light, as he could have been fined up to S$5,000 for each time he illegally accessed Ex-GF’s accounts and jailed for up to 2 years.

What remains of the relationship for “Nicol” and “Jedrek” is unknown, but considering that “Jedrek” said yes to sex with a random girl…

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Remember kids, some say life is a game.

That may be true, but we can be sure that it’s not an online game.



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