This man claimed to lose 30KG in 1 year just by walking around doing this

For many of us, losing weight is one of the toughest things in life that we try to achieve, especially when you consider where we’re living in a food paradise.

You may have gone on (sometimes crazy) diets in hopes of losing weight but felt discouraged when the results were not showing.

Wait till you read about how this man claimed to have lost 30KG simply by doing this ridiculous thing daily.

Health Fads
China is recently emerging as the front-runner in the introduction of health fads, sometimes pretty crazy-sounding ones. I’m sure you may recall fads such as the A4 paper challenge where holding a piece of A4 paper and not have your waist showing is a key sign that you are in shape.

Another fad that you may be familiar with is perhaps the collarbone coin challenge where individuals who can hold a roll of coins in their collarbones are said to have good body figures.

These trends have led many to emulate the results in hopes that they can achieve flawless physiques. Well, here’s a new fitness fad that may just make it into our top ten list of the weirdest weight loss regimes.

Balancing rocks on the head
The latest trend to emerge for weight loss solution is claimed to be effective by a guy in China who has been reported to lose up to 30KG with his unusual method.

Cong Yan, a native from Jilin China, claims to have lost 30kg through the use of 40kg stones which he balances on his head and walking around for up to 3km.


On top of this unusual practice, he also created a unique exercise program which sees him practicing martial arts and running around a tower 22 times and climbing 50 flights of steps 6 times.

He initially started out balancing 15kg rocks on his head and slowly progressing to 40kg.  He said that he did this weight loss program after hearing of it 3 years ago when he weight 115kg and was worried about his health.

He is so confident of this unconventional weight loss solution that he hopes that this routine will get a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

After reading the above, I’m sure you will be puzzled by whether if this is even possible and if this has any repercussions. This unusual method has gone viral and many netizens questioning if this is possible.

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Some netizens have advised against following his footsteps as balancing excessive weights can cause injuries to your neck due to undue stress being exerted by the weight on it. It can also cause neck pain as the neck is subjected to pressure in an awkward position.

Another thing noticed by netizens is the apparent lack of hair on his head, probably due to this exercise, with one netizen commenting, “That’s right, he loses weight but look at his bald head. I prefer being fat to having no hair left”.

It should be noted that he’s not the only one working to preserve that hot body with rocks, with another man taking 200 steps daily with stones attached to his feet, and another who balances them on his head when he rides his bicycle.

Word of advice
If you’re tempted to follow in his routine, do so in the privacy of your own home, or at least in isolated areas. If you decide to (bravely) embrace this workout in public, be prepared to gain internet fame and become the next viral sensation on social media. Who knows, we might just be writing about you next time!

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