Man Claims Pontian Employee Put Dumplings That Fell On Floor With ‘Clean’ Dumplings

Image: Facebook

There is a Chinese saying that my mum used to tell me repeatedly.


Translation: “The Heavens are watching what you’re doing.”

She used it to dissuade me from doing anything against my conscience, as someone (aka Tua Pek Kong and co) is always watching.

Whether you’re religious or not, I think it’s a pretty good way to train yourself to be morally upright and honest at all times.

Well, a Chinese national working in a hawker centre obviously did not heed the advice.

But in this case, it wasn’t Tua Pek Kong who was watching.

It was a customer with a smartphone ready to post on Facebook.

Pontian Employee Picked Up Dumpling That Dropped On The Floor

As long as you frequent hawker centres, you should be no stranger to the Pontian Wanton Noodles franchise, whether or not you’re a fan of wanton noodles.

It’s been highly acclaimed and liked by many Singaporeans.

Unfortunately, it’s hitting the news for the wrong reason this time.

The worst possible reason for an F&B business, in fact.

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An employee of the Pontian branch at the Block 682 Hougang coffeeshop was caught with hygiene misconduct.

According to the Facebook post by a very angry customer, he saw one of the employees drop some dumplings on the floor.

However, instead of disposing of them, she allegedly put them back into the Tupperware box with the other clean dumplings.

Things Got Heated Up

The Facebook poster was doubtful, claiming that there was no way she would toss the entire box of dumplings because of a few dirty ones.

When he pressed on for her to dispose of them in front of him immediately instead of “later” as she promised, she yelled that it was none of his business.

She claimed that she was busy and would throw them away later and that he was free to stay around to supervise if he wished to.

He also appeared to be furious of the employee “taking [him] as a kid”.

Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post.

Image: Facebook

If the customer’s allegations are true, then this is a truly irresponsible and careless act.

While mealtime peak hours can be very busy for the popular wanton store and having to recook dumplings is time-consuming, it still does not justify such wanton behaviour.

Image: Tenor

We tried searching for Pontian Wanton Noodles social media account, and it’s even more shocking:

They don’t seem to have one.

I don’t know what is more damning: dirty wantons…or a business without a social media presence.