Man Counts $1,000 Notes in Front of Taxi Driver to Look Down on Driver


They say money is the root of all evil, but for some, money just makes them really dumb. Or maybe this guy is just an idiot in general. Who knows?

In a recent video posted on Facebook, a man was filmed by a taxi driver to be behaving erratically, taunting the driver while standing in the way of one of the taxi’s doors.

It is currently unconfirmed what had started the incident, but according to the taxi driver’s WhatsApp screenshot he posted alongside the video, the man had quarrelled with his female companions and decided to take it out on the driver.

Take a look.

As you can see, throughout the entire video the man seems to be slightly irrational, possibly drunk. He just stood in front of the door somewhat awkwardly, and kept asking the driver to just close the door on him. He seems to have decided to stand there as a response to the driver calling the police.

Then the driver mentioned he had his money at the door and he had to close it.

At which point the man began looking for his own money, all the while taunting the driver about his “large amount of money”.

He then pulled out a large stack of 1,000 SGD notes, and began nonchalantly flipping through them in front of the driver. I suppose the point of that was to show off his wealth, but the way he stood there awkwardly flipping through the cash just made him look like a child who wasn’t sure what he was doing.

He didn’t even take the opportunity to say something about his wealth.

In the end, the only thing he could come up with was to call the driver an “ah gua” for not slamming the door on him, and how he was a taxi driver because he couldn’t accomplish anything great.

How do you even get so bad at insulting people? If you’re going to be a nuisance and a dick to someone, at least do it well. Imagine getting into trouble with the police after failing at causing a significant nuisance!

You might have a bunch of 1,000 SGD notes (about 20 of them), but that doesn’t mean you accomplished anything great, especially with that personality of yours, friend.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Yan Ting Ong)


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