Man Crashed into Toddler with PMD in Crowded Nex & Merely Gave His Name Before Scooting Off


Have you heard a trending music genre called 慢摇 (man yao)?

Doesn’t matter if you enjoy listening to them or not on YouTube or at your usual siam diu, many obnoxious riders on PMDs will ensure that you join them in listening to it.

希望你以后, 不会后悔没选择我 ~ (cue background beats dongzidongzidongzidongzi)

As annoying as that behaviour may be, and while it gives PMD riders a bad name, nothing is as bad as rash riders that ride dangerously, endangering innocent pedestrians.

Case after case, people have been calling for stricter mobility laws, or even just a ban on PMDs.

It seems even LTA’s watchful eye hasn’t scared these riders enough.

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Deliveroo Rider Rode On E-Scooter Through Crowded Mall

Let’s put aside all PMDs for a moment.

If the mall was crowded, even a regular walking human would slow down their pace to ensure they do not bump into anyone, especially children.

One would think this common sense should be amplified if riding on an e-scooter.


Despite the Nex shopping mall being packed with the usual evening crowd around 7:10 pm on 18 March this year and with the corridor only roughly wide enough for 4 people, the Deliveroo rider just went, “Meh, screw it.”

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I mean, to put it into perspective for PMD riders who may not see anything wrong with this, it’s equivalent to trying to riding a bicycle through a crowded shopping mall.

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Spoilers: It’s not gonna end well.

Rider Ended Up Crashing Into A 3-Year-Old Toddler

You knew it, I knew it, eventually, he’s going to crash into someone.

But suay suay, he crashed into a 3-year-old toddler.

While the rider was scooting past a gift shop, a toddler stepped out of it and he ended up hitting the boy on his forehead, causing him to fall backwards and hit his head against the floor, causing a bruise that measured 3-by-3 cm.


Jialat liao lor.

He stepped off his e-scooter and gave his name to the boy’s parents.

Okay, not bad, at least he stopped to own up.

And then he rode off to complete his delivery.

Wut…? Okay lor, maybe earn money important. I dunno. He does not wanna be late. Maybe somebody very hungry for their food already.


The boy’s mother lodged a police report afterwards, though.

Possible Probation For Rider

Neo Jia Ming, the rider in question, admitted to his actions and pleaded guilty on 27 June in court.

The prosecutor said that Neo’s speed was “not that fast” and that he was not “blazing through the corridor”, and that they only decided to prosecute due to it being in a crowded corridor.

The judge also said that “I know you have a job to do, but you need to look out for people”.

Neo then also said that he would never ride in a mall ever again.

The judge called for a probation suitability report to be called and the sentencing was adjourned to 25 July.


Okay la, he’s still young and apparently had just gotten “a proper job” in logistics. It would be a shame to ruin his future over a moment’s rash act.

Let’s just hope Neo and e-scooter riders everywhere learn from his lesson.